SYMP - Spend Your Money Powerfully

About SYMP

Cambridge High School Band is partnering with Spend Your Money Powerfully (SYMP) to build a wider financial support base by enlisting the help of local businesses. Instead of traditional fundraising efforts that rely on the financial support of the band members’ families, we have the opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship between these families and the businesses that support the band.

How SYMP Works

Business sponsors make donations to the band, and in turn we are asking band members’ families to direct their ordinary spending to our sponsors. Among our sponsors are restaurants, stores and professional services. When we choose the products and services of our sponsors, they will in turn continue to support our band, thus limiting the future need for fundraising efforts.

Click on the SYMP logo to go to our Cambridge SYMP page to see our sponsors:

Setup SYMP on Mobile Devices

To access the app and log purchases through your mobile device:

  • Enter in your browser (if you have an Android device, we recommend you use Google Chrome instead of the built-in browser).
  • For an Apple phone Click on the square with an arrow at the bottom of the screen and choose "Add to Home Screen" and an icon will appear on your device home screen like an app.

How to Record SYMP Expenditures

  • Go to
  • Click on the name of a sponsor.
  • Enter the amount you spent at the sponsor’s location.
  • Click "Submit."