Parents & Students,

Welcome to the Blue Sheet - our weekly announcements for Marching Band!!

Monday - 3:45-5:30 Sectionals
Tuesday - 4-5:45 Parking Lot (Premiere Concert Tonight for Wind Symphony!!)
Thursday - PAWS-5:15 Stadium
Friday - Football vs. Centennial (8TH GRADE NIGHT)
Saturday - FULTON COUNTY EXHIBITION (see below)

Monday - 3:45-5:30 Sectionals
Tuesday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Thursday - PAWS-5:15 Stadium
Friday - Football @ Johns Creek
Saturday - CASS HS CONTEST (5:25 Performance Time)

4:00 - Report to stadium in under-uniform (warmup/sections time)
4:25 - Welcome 8th grade band members are run pregame showcase
5:00 - Dinner (dismissed from Stadium)
5:45 - Half-Uniform Change
6:00 - Few Moments with sections and 8th grade members
6:15 - Courtyard Stand Tunes and PreGame Review
6:45 - March to Stadium
7:10 - PreGame with 8th Grade Band Members
10:30 - Dismissal in Cambridge Courtyard

10:00 - Report to parking lot - learn mvt. 4 drill
12:00 - Lunch Break
1:00 - Report to Stadium - Full Ensemble Rehearsal for FCE
4:00 - Break
4:30 - Change to half-uniform/assist where needed
5:00 - Return to stadium for dinner (pre-ordered)
6:00 - Exhibition Begins
8:30 - GSU Performance
9:00 - Return Equipment/Change/Cleanup
9:45 - Approximate dismissal by leadership

We always look forward to welcoming our future members on 8th grade night - but it is worth remembering the impression we make that night can be a lasting impression!! Make sure you treat all 8th grade students with kindness and encouragement. Also - keep in mind how you treat each other and the business of marching band - they will notice EVERYTHING!!!

As you can see from the Saturday timeline above - we will be preparing for a LONG day Saturday. With the need to make up for the several hours of practice we lost last week - this is the staff and leadership's best plans to meet our future goals with this show. Not only will the band be practicing that day - but we are still in need of volunteers for the exhibition. This event is being streamed live nationally on - it is a great showcase for our school and community. Let's show the county and the rest of the country how Cambridge hosts an event! We have great volunteer leadership already in place - but this day will take ALL OF US to make it a successful and smooth event - THANKS FOR PITCHING IN!!

Please visit the Cambridge Bands website - - click on the "Parents" link, and then the "Volunteer Signups" link. All of our volunteer needs are there - scroll down to get to current dates. We have a STRONG need for MANY volunteers for Fulton County Exhibition. Please choose a shift and duty that looks appealing to you - we will need most parents assistance on September 23rd for this important event.

So of course, after we have a workable plan for our conflicts this weekend, we now have conflicts in October. We are developing a couple of alternatives and plans to make as much possible for our students as we can . . . and you will get more details from the staff soon. Please help us get through Fulton County Exhibition this week and we will work with this conflict in the very near future - we have already had discussions with leadership about it.

We have a performance time for September 30th - we are scheduled to perform at 5:30 PM. It is a big show and a large AAA competition - should be fun. Awards are at 9:00 PM that evening. More details on our precise schedule next Saturday will be available in next week's Blue Sheet.

IN CLOSING, please take a moment and volunteer for the Fulton County Exhibition!! Mr. Borger will also be working with a few parents to complete our props after each marching rehearsal this week. We want to use our props next Saturday at the Exhibition so if you can add your construction assistance (or you can hold some 2x4 while others attach and build) we could use your help. Monday from 5:30-7:00, Tuesday 6:30-8:00, and Thursday if necessary until they are done!! Materials will be here tomorrow and this should not take too long to complete. . . thanks for letting Mr. Borger know you can help out in the next couple of days!!

As always - thanks for all you do for the Cambridge Bands!!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves
Band Directors

Good Evening Everyone,
Friday is game day against Chattahoochee .... at Chattahoochee. We are excited to see the band perform, they've been working hard and get better and better every day. We need additional volunteers to assist with chaperoning and equipment. The sign up is below.

Chaperones get to hang with the band and escort them when needed. This means you get to ride the bus to and from ... don't forget to meet in the band room to get your pass and meet the other chaperones.

Those who help with equipment also come to the band room to get their pass for the game. Equipment helpers assist with unloading the truck at Chattahoochee. The band leaves the stands during the second quarter. Equipment volunteers follow them down and help them on and off the field. Once the halftime performance is complete, all equipment is loaded back on the truck. And then lastly, once we are back at Cambridge we need help unloading the truck.

Please consider joining us and support your student. Go Bears!!

Thank you,
Cathy Henegar
VP Parent Directed Activities
CHS Band Boosters

Parents & Students,

Welcome to the Blue Sheet - our weekly announcements for Marching Band!!

Monday - LABOR DAY
Tuesday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Thursday - PAWS-5:15 Stadium
Friday - Football @ Chattahoochee (see below)

Monday - 3:45-5:30 Sectionals
Tuesday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Thursday - PAWS-5:15 Stadium
Friday - Football vs. Pope (very similar schedule to below - we will eat at 4:45 next week)

3:45 - Report to sectionals in under-uniform
4:15 - Sectionals end, all report to band room
4:25 - Dinner (dismissed from Band Room)
4:45 - Load Truck
5:15 - Change into half-uniform
5:35 - Load Buses/Depart for Hooch
6:30 - Unload and Quick Re-Warmup and Stretch
7:05 - Enter Stadium
7:30 - Kickoff
11:00 - Return to Cambridge

Thanks again for your flexibility and professionalism during all the changes at the Milton game. Weather can always be a factor in our plans - especially with the amount of electronics we use for our show. Students and parents were more than accommodating with our alterations and made the evening a strong success - especially for a September 1st Performance!

This week's blue sheet will handle two weeks of activities for our band program. This sheet is a bit late due to the holiday weekend - but early for next week! Our Friday schedule will be the same as last week - we look forward to another great home game on the 15th against Pope HS. See our schedule for practices above.

As you already know, our homecoming dance is the same evening as our hosting the Fulton County Exhibition . . . which is an unfortunate conflict. The compromise we have made is as follows. Students will have practice that afternoon and the performance that evening (dinner provided in between). We will perform in our scheduled time (around 7pm . . .) and all students will attend the Marching Band Exhibition until after our performance. Students who have purchased a ticket to the dance and want to attend as much as possible, will be excused after our performance. ALL DANCE ATTIRE WILL NEED TO BE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL - NO STUDENT WILL LEAVE CAMPUS. Locker rooms will be provided for a shower/cleanup/change before attending the dance. This should have students at the dance around 8:30 PM. If your student would like to attend the dance, but also wants to attend the entire Band Exhibition . . . you will be admitted FREE OF CHARGE to the dance after the exhibition concludes. (Around 9:30). You will be able to change in the dressing rooms/auditorium restrooms and join the dance sometime after 10PM most likely. It is very nice of the student council and dance organizers to allow band students to attend for free AFTER THE EXHIBITION. Hopefully many of our members will choose this option and enjoy a great deal of entertainment that evening. Of course, you are under no obligation to attend Homecoming at all - you may stay at the Exhibition and assist with cleanup when it is complete before heading home.

Please visit the Cambridge Bands website - - click on the "Parents" link, and then the "Volunteer Signups" link. All of our volunteer needs are there - scroll down to get to current dates. We have a STRONG need for MANY volunteers for Fulton County Exhibition. Please choose a shift and duty that looks appealing to you - we will need most parents assistance on September 23rd for this important county event. More information to follow!

As always - thanks for all you do for the Cambridge Bands!!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves
Band Directors

Good Evening Band Family!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and of course ... the eclipse! The band is looking good and Saturday was a huge success. Thank you to all those that volunteered and helped out ... it was a success because of you!

Our first game is this Friday and it's an away game at Creekview. If you can join us please sign up below. We need chaperones to escort the band the entire time, yes that means you get to ride the bus! You will sit with the band and make sure the students are taken care of.

We also need equipment help Friday night. We need 2 individuals to be at school at 4:45pm to help the students load the truck. Then we need the rest of the equipment assistance to be at Creekview to help unload the truck and move it to the stadium at approximately 6:15pm. Then if those same invididuals could assist after our halftime performance, we will load everything back onto the truck (approximate time 8:45pm). We should arrive back to school around 11:00pm and just a couple of parents are needed to help some tired students unload the truck.

I realize this is a lot of information but I want to make sure expectations are set and there is no confusion. If you cannot help the entire night for equipment, please indicate in the comments what you can help with.

Lastly, we still need some assistance with after school practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays the band practices in the parking lot, so you set up the water/Gatorade station under the walkway. You stay there during the practice to make sure everyone is hydrated and if a student needs additional assistance. Generally speaking, Thursdays the band is at the stadium. So you will setup the water/Gatorade station there. We have access to water and ice in the stadium. We ask that you arrive a few minutes before the band begins practicing so that you can get the wagon and coolers from the concession stand by the auditorium (Mr. Borger has the key) and also pick up the first aid backpack from Mr. Borger's office. It sounds like a lot but it's really not :)

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me either my phone or text (910) 391-4675.

Thank you,
Cathy Henegar
VP Parent Directed Activities
Cambridge Band Boosters

Parents & Students,

Welcome to the Blue Sheet - our weekly announcements for Marching Band!!

Monday - Happy Darkness at 2:30 PM . . . NO REHEARSALS
Tuesday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Thursday - 4-6 Stadium
Friday - Football @ Creekview HS (see below)
Saturday - BLITZ DAY (9am-12pm) see below . . .

Monday - 3:45-5:30 Sectionals
Tuesday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Thursday - 4-6 Stadium
Friday - Football vs. Milton HS (specifics in next weeks blue sheet)

3:45 - Report to sectionals in under-uniform
4:25 - Sectionals end, all report to band room
4:30 - Dinner (dismissed from Band Room)
4:50 - Leadership loads truck
5:15 - Half-Uniform and load buses (long black socks and marching shoes are a must)
5:30 - Depart to Creekview HS
6:15 - Arrive and Unload
6:45 - Quick Warmup
7:05 - Enter Stadium
7:30 - Kickoff
11:00 - Approximate Return to Cambridge

FUNDRAISER AND BLITZ DAY . . . Thanks to all the students who already sold 10 cards to help the band with our annual band fundraiser. . . . please keep selling!! If everyone does their small part, we make our goal!! We have never missed our goal on this fundraiser.

Students not selling at least 10 cards are expected to attend our Blitz Day on Saturday, August 26th - 9am-12pm - and help with our remaining cards. If we sell enough this week, that may not be necessary . . . but it will require everyone to do their part and HELP THE BAND!!


Look for more updates and details in separate booster emails regarding the fundraiser - and thanks for your HELP!

DAY CAMP RECAP THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE THAT MADE OUR DAY CAMP A HUGE SUCCESS!! 3/4 of the show is on the field and it is starting to look and sound exciting!! An OVERWHELMING thanks to all the parents who volunteered their time throughout the day to make sure our students were well-hydrated, well-fed, and taken care of all day! This was the largest parent volunteer group we have seen on a Saturday and it was AWESOME! THANK YOU!

CALLING ALL HANDY-WORKING PARENTS Huge thanks to the parents that worked on our storage for percussion last Saturday! We will have some construction needs soon for our show - so if you are "handy" look for emails on when that will begin!!

LOOKING AHEAD The first weekend in October is a long weekend for students (no school on Thursday, October 5 through Monday, October 9). We will not have any practice on days students do not have school - this includes that Thursday and Monday. However, we DO plan on performing a full halftime performance that Friday night. If you are going to be out of town and unable to perform, we should be notified this week - as per our attendance policy. Please check your calendars and communicate any conflicts.

Looking forward to our first performances this Friday!!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves Band Directors

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of: Cambridge High School Band 2845 Bethany Bend Milton, GA 30004

Parents & Students,

Welcome to the Blue Sheet - our weekly announcements for Marching Band!! We will always start with a review of the coming weeks calendar . . . and continue with some important updates and reminders.

Monday - 3:45-5:30 Sectionals & Music Rehearsal
Tuesday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Thursday - 4-6 Stadium (hopefully)
Saturday - DAY CAMP (8-7) see below

Tuesday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Thursday - 4-6 Stadium
Friday - Football @ Creekview HS (specifics in next week's blue sheet)

FUNDRAISER OFF AND RUNNING . . . Thanks to all the students who already sold 10 cards to earn a Starbucks Gift Card and give us a strong start to the annual band fundraiser. . . . please keep selling!! If everyone does their small part, we make our goal!! We have never missed our goal on this fundraiser. Look for more updates and details in separate booster emails regarding the fundraiser - and thanks for your HELP!

DAY CAMP This Saturday is our all day rehearsal to learn as much of the rest of the show as we can. Weather looks to be pleasant - but HOT!! We will take good care of all students - please HYDRATE Friday!! Here is the detailed schedule for Saturday: 8:00-11:00 - Parking Lot 11:00-12:30 - Lunch (on your own - students may pack a lunch and eat here) 12:30-3:30 - Music Rehearsal 3:30-4:30 - Dinner Provided by Boosters 4:30-7:00 - Parking Lot

As we prepare for our first football game next week, please make sure students have tall, athletic black socks for their uniform. Veterans should also confirm shoes fit - this can still be addressed if necessary - but don't wait until next week. We will feed the students dinner before every game - they are NOT to leave the campus for any reason. We will take care of them all night!!


At the dismissal of a marching band rehearsal, over 100 students are leaving the side exit of the building. With that many cars lined up to pick up students, it is an accident waiting to happen. Please find a parking space in front of the school and wait for your student to safely walk to your car. The line of cars around the entire parking lot is not a safe dismissal for any of our students. Also, please do not pull in to the side lane that runs next to the cafeteria and loading dock; students walk this way and many are pushing equipment up that drive, which poses a safety issue if there is heavy traffic. The loading dock should also be kept clear for equipment storage. Thanks for your help with this issue - we appreciate your assistance keeping all students safe!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves
Cambridge Bands

Parents & Students,

WELCOME TO THE BLUE SHEET - the weekly email updating all marching band happenings from the directors. The weekly newsletter will have an opening paragraph, followed by the schedule for this and next week as a reminder, and ending with details regarding upcoming events and volunteer needs.

BIG THANK YOUS to all our volunteers that worked camp as chaperones, helped load equipment, and continue to ensure students are at events on time. Camp was a very successful week - and a great chance for students to create a wonderful band culture. Please review our upcoming schedule and the notes below regarding Old Soldiers Day Parade and the beginning of school.

Tuesday - 6-8:30 Practice
Thursday - 6-8:30 Practice
Saturday - 8:30 AM - Old Soldiers Day Parade

Tuesday - 4-6:30 Practice
** Booster Meeting 7:30PM
Thursday - 4-6 Practice

8:30AM - Meet at Old Milton Center Parking Lot (Independence HS) (suggest parking at Alpharetta First Baptist or Methodist Church and walk down Academy St) (traffic is challenging as some roads are closed for the parade/10k early) Parade ends at Legion on Wills and Old Milton Pkwy Old Milton Pkwy and Hwy 9 is the parade route.
We should conclude by noon at the latest - we will walk back to Milton Center as a group, but you can meet your student and depart from the American Legion at the end of the parade.

Join us next Tuesday, August 8th, for our first parent meeting of the new school year. We have many exciting ways for our parents to assist with this band family and meetings will help you find areas to get involved. Meetings begin at 7:30PM and typically are less than an hour. See you Tuesday!!

The band does not practice Monday, August 7 - get a confident start to the new school year. We do rehearse all consecutive Mondays from 3:45-5:30.

Look for a weekly version of this email - it will keep you current on the marching band schedule - and visit our website for this information as well.

Thanks again for the great start to the season - it has been a very productive summer and we are all excited to see this band grow!!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves Band Directors

Can you believe it is already JULY? Band camp is just around the corner, and we want to make sure everyone is prepared! Please review the following information to make sure you are ready for the season:

Mandatory Parent Meeting

Sunday, July 16, 6:30pm, Cambridge Auditorium

  • Review details, policies, and expectations of both weeks of band camp
  • Ensure all payments and forms are submitted
  • Receive specific schedules for both weeks of band camp
  • Receive band camp packing list
  • Review details for the fall marching band season

Donations Needed!

We are asking that every family bring one or more of the following items to the parent meeting:

  • Blue powdered Gatorade

  • Boxes of Granola Bars or similar snacks

  • Boxes of Chips/Pretzels or similar snack packs

  • Costco/Wal-Mart freezer pops

  • Sunscreen

Cambridge Band Swag available for purchase:

(Cash, check, and credit cards accepted)

Mandatory Store Items to Purchase

Order through Charms by Friday, July 21

  • Orders must be placed though the Charms online store.

  • Payments may be made online, or check/cash may be sent in with printed receipt of your order.

*If you are unsure of sizing, items will be available to try-on during Pre-Camp (week of July 17) and may be ordered after sizing is determined.

All new wind and percussion members must order the following items: 1. Under uniform shirt

  1. Under uniform shorts

  2. Marching shoes

Colorguard Members

Order the appropriate items as indicated by the guard director.

Returning Band Members

You are welcome to order additional items or new sizes on an individual basis via the Charms online store.

Show Shirts

  • Remember...this year, one show shirt is provided for each marching band member through the payment of their band fees.

  • Members will receive their show shirt at band camp.

  • Additional show shirts can be purchased through the Charms online store.

Parent Volunteers

We need your help!! In order for us to run our program successfully and efficently, we rely on the assistance of parent volunteers. Please consider donating your time by signing up for one of these volunteer opportunities: http:/href=/parents-and-students/volunteer

Band Calendar

Make sure you have visited the calendar (http:/href=/app/calendar) and secured all marching band dates for the fall season - attendance at each rehearsal and performance is mandatory!

Please reach out if you have any questions. We are looking forward to our first meeting of the 2017 Cambridge Marching Band!

Thank you, Ryan Borger & Katie Groves Band Directors

7:45am Monday, July 17

Students should plan to arrive to the band room around 7:45am Monday, July 17. Each student should plan on bringing their own water bottle, and wear light, comfortable athletic clothing and athletic shoes. (Converse, Toms, etc. should not be worn - students need supportive tennis shoes for marching.)

Mandatory Parent Meeting

Sunday, July 16 6:30pm

Cambridge Auditorium!

This is the last week to get physicals done, forms uploaded to Charms, and payments made in full. Please make every effort to mark these off your to-do list this week, or plan to bring forms and payments with you to the Sunday meeting.

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you all Sunday and kicking off the 2017 Marching Band season!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves Directors, Cambridge Bands

July 21st, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Marching Band & Color Guard Parents,

Our Band/Guard picture day is on July 21st, 2017 @ 7:00 AM and we will have a professional photographer at the school to take large group, section and individual portraits of our marching band & color guard students. 

Students need to arrive at 7:00 AM in their under uniform and get in their performance uniform. We’ll do the large group outside in the stadium at 7:30, followed by smaller section group shots. Then, everyone heads inside for their individual portraits. Please have your teen pose for this portrait even if you are not planning to purchase a package. An order form is attached - please fill it out and send it in with your child, on the 21st. 

All students will be photographed in their uniforms, and you have the opportunity, but not obligation, to purchase a portrait package. Attached is the order form for portrait packages. Please fill out the form and send it in with your child on the morning of July 21st. Payment by check or cash may be placed in a labeled envelope and attached to the order form. If paying by credit card, please complete the information on the order form.

Orders received on July 21st will be delivered to the school without additional shipping charges.

Attention Please, All Senior Band & Color Guard Families:  

1. Program Cover Photo! Traditionally at Cambridge High School, our seniors get to be featured in a group photo on the cover of the football program. On Picture Day, July 21st at noon, all seniors gather at the grand staircase for the senior cover. Please wear your under uniform and a big smile!

2. We need senior volunteers!  Some of our wonderful Football Program sponsors request that some of our seniors are photographed in their company ads. Our photographer will organize students, who will meet after pictures are taken at school July 21st, and travel to the different locations to be photographed. If your senior is interested in being pictured, please let us know by contacting Sherry Barrera @, and put "Senior Volunteer" in the subject line." 

3. Senior Ads:  Now is the time to recognize your Senior’s High School Band or Guard Career with an ad in the 2017 Cambridge High School Football Program! All Ads will be graphically designed with your provided pictures and customized text and sent to you for review prior to final publication. To order, complete the online order form at

Please direct any Senior Ad questions to Melanie Hembree @

Sherry Barrera
Cambridge Band Boosters
2017 Cambridge Football Program Chair

Dear Cambridge Marching Band families,

Welcome to the 2017 Marching Band season! We hope your summer is off to a great start so far! This email contains a wealth of information about getting ready for the season, so please read it thoroughly.

Summer and Fall Mandatory Dates

As you continue to enjoy your summer, please do not forget about our mandatory July rehearsals and band camp (http:/href=/app/calendar). Additionally, the color guard will rehearse on Fridays throughout the summer.
Please also make a note of Saturdays throughout the fall that are reserved for rehearsals and competitions.

Mandatory Parent Meeting

We will have a mandatory parent meeting Sunday, July 16 at 6:30pm. At this meeting we will review policies, procedures, and expectations for each week of band camp. You may also submit any outstanding balances at this time.

Payment and Forms Deadlines

All fixed payments are due by Sunday, July 16 (PEF, Band camp, Performance meals, and Uniform fees). If you have any concerns, please contact the directors! Online payments are now available through CHARMS. All forms should be uploaded to the "My Files" section of your student's CHARMS account no later than July 16. Students who do not have a physical on file will not be allowed to participate. See the attached Registration Checklist for a complete list of forms to turn in and items to take care of.

CHARMS and Online Payments

ALL 2017-18 band members should now have access to Charms (this includes rising 9th graders)!
Charms is our PRIMARY source of communication with parents and students, so please make sure your email addresses and phone numbers are current and correct.

If this is your first time logging in, please use the last 6 digits of your student ID as the "Student Area Password"

If you have forgotten your password, please email Mrs. Groves to have it reset (

Charms is now open for online payments! You can view payments you have made thus far, your current balance due, and also order items from our online store.

Visit the "Forms and Handouts" section of Charms to view all mandatory forms needed to participate in marching band. Make an appointment for your student's physical now!
Upload all completed forms to your My Files section in Charms.

Car Wash - Save the Date!

Save the date for our first Car Wash of the year - Saturday, July 22. Every student should plan on working a shift and helping out! More details will be sent out closer to the date.

Parent Volunteer Survey

Please follow this link to complete the parent volunteer survey - Parents, we cannot run this program without you!!

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We are excited about the 2017-18 Cambridge Band - it's going to be a fantastic year!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves
Directors, Cambridge Bands

The success and quality of our band program depends primarily on YOU, our awesome band parents! We have many wonderful opportunities for you to get involved with your kids and the other members of our band family throughout the coming school year. And, believe it or not, your kids appreciate your support as much as we do!!

Please go to the Parent Volunteer Survey Link below and select ALL areas in which you would be willing to help during the coming school year.

We are trying to gather not only information about your volunteer interests, but also information regarding your occupations (i.e. nursing, truck driver) and skills (i.e. organization, sewing) as this is helpful to have when certain needs (i.e. accounting) arise where your advice would prove invaluable!

Please be on the lookout for all the various Sign-Up Genius emails that will be showing up in your inbox throughout the year. Filling these spots is imperative to sufficiently staff our individual band activities.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support! We truly couldn't provide the quality of band program we have for your kids without your support!!

Thank you!

Karen Killebrew Cambridge Band Booster President


I hope everyone is enjoying their break (and practicing some NOLA music - at least a little bit). . .

We need to cover a few reminders before we meet on the 29th for our final rehearsal and preliminary packing of instruments and equipment.

1) Attached is a packing list by day to aid in your individual preparations. Please remember the following when packing . . . - UNDER-UNIFORM AND SHOES/SOCKS FOR SHOW DAYS - Rain jacket or two - we are dependent on the weather for much of our trip - Do your best to "layer light" with options - we don't have room for excessive suitcases for each traveler with the number of instruments we are taking. - You do need a small travel bag for a change of clothes after the Sugar Bowl Performance - this is critical as we will not be getting into suitcases before we depart. Any backpack is perfect!

2) School will be opened as early as 11 AM on Thursday to facilitate any polishing/cleaning and assistance with uniform needs before we begin rehearsal at 1:00 PM.

3) Rehearsal will go until 4pm - we will have all instruments packed and in sections before you are dismissed from rehearsal (plan on 4:15 or later for a dismissal).

4) Chaperones - we will meet at 4:15 to discuss the rooming list, chaperone duties, bus assistance, parade and performance questions, and answer any questions you may have. This should only take about 20 minutes - thanks for your time making this a great trip for our students.

5) We meet at 7:00 AM on the 30th and depart at 7:30 for New Orleans!!

Please email any questions to - I am back in town and will check email regularly. It is so hard to believe we will be performing for a crowd of close to 70,000 people in a nationally televised game ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves

Cambridge Band Directors

Parents & Students,

Thank you for a great semester of making music and friends!! As an update to our adopted family, through the generous donations at our concert and from the students in class all last week we raised over 1,100 dollars to provide Christmas for those in need. Some of our officers did some shopping last Saturday and our adopted family received everything on their wish list and some extra resources for food and supplies during the holiday vacation.

As we look ahead to the New Year, we have even more to be excited about. We have 23 students auditioning for the final round of All-State on January 7th, many students selected for our District Honor Band on February 3-4, and a terrific concert camp planned for December 11th. We will also be hosting our LGPE February 27-March 1 and look forward to expanding our jazz weekend with Music Under The Moon on May 5, and a jazz festival hosted at Cambridge on May 6. 2017 PROMISES TO BE A BLAST!

First, we will bring 2017 in with many students as we travel to New Orleans. A final itinerary is available on our newly designed website and we have our final rehearsal and packing of instruments on Thursday, December 29th (one week from today) from 1-4 pm. We meet on December 30th at 7:00 AM to check-in with section leaders and begin loading buses.

Whether we see each other again on December 29th or January 9th . . . Enjoy a well-deserved break, turn off your phones and spend time with family and friends, make music for fun when you get a chance (the holidays are great for this), and recharge for a challenging and memorable 2017!!

Happy Holidays Cambridge Band Family!!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves

Band Directors

Seasons Greetings Band Families,

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at our annual Winter Band Concert. Below are the report times that have been shared with the students last week.

6:30 PM - All Percussion Students on Stage 6:45 PM - Concert Band in Orchestra Room 7:00 PM - Symphonic and Wind Symphony in Band Room

Our World Percussion will be performing in the lobby before the concert as you arrive. The percussion ensembles will open the concert, followed by our three full ensembles. It promises to be a great concert - hope to see you all tomorrow!

A couple of other announcements . . .

We had a record number of students make the second round of all-state auditions this year - 23 representatives from Cambridge will be auditioning again on January 7th. We also have our first all-state jazz band member - CONGRATULATIONS ALEX BOHR on being recognized as piano alternate.

Looking ahead to next semester, we will be hosting a Saturday Concert Camp on February 11th. We have an impressive list of guest instructors lined up - this is a required commitment for the band next semester. Please communicate any conflicts as soon as possible.

Last year we started a tradition of adopting a family in the Alpharetta area that required some financial assistance to have a Christmas. We have a "wish list" for a family of three younger children that are unable to have a Christmas gift exchange this year. Any amount you can donate to assist our adopted family will all go to gifts and food for the holiday vacation.

We wish all of our extended band family a safe and enjoyable holiday season - and we look forward to bringing in the New Year in style in New Orleans!!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves

Band Directors

Vol. 5 No. 11

Parents & Students,


Cambridge placed 2nd in the most competitive class at White Columns - .9 out of 1st Place. Guard also placed 2nd in our class and all areas (guard, percussion, drum major, band) were awarded Superior Ratings.

It takes our entire band family to create a successful season - thanks to all the chaperones, equipment crew, rehearsal volunteers, and all parents for your assistance with the demands of the season. Special thanks to all our students and leadership for the time and consistent commitment to growth shown all year - "I'm so glad to be a Cambridge Bear!"


Now for the details for playoffs we are waiting for . . .

Cambridge will play Mays High School on FRIDAY AT 7:30 AT LAKEWOOD STADIUM. (Address is Lakewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315)


  • 3:30 - Head to stadium quickly for runthrough
  • 3:50 - Warmup/Stretch
  • 4:00 - Runthrough
  • 4:15 - Load Truck at Stadium
  • 4:30 - Dinner
  • 5:00 - In Half-uniform and Load
  • 5:15 - Depart for Lakewood Stadium
  • 6:45 - Approximate Arrival
  • 7:30 - Kickoff
  • 11:00 - Approximate Return to Cambridge

We are very excited to support our team at the first football playoffs in Cambridge History!!


Cambridge Winter Guard has a meeting TONIGHT at 7pm. Calendar and expectations will be shared - questions answered. Guard will begin practicing next week. . .

New Orleans participants - we will schedule a few rehearsals before we depart to learn our music and be prepared for our performance opportunities. (Most of the music we already know).

More details will follow - parents should plan on attending our next booster meeting on Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30 for more complete New Orleans information!

Thanks for your assistance and support all season - and in our final performances!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves

Band Directors