Good morning,

Congratulations to the students who have advanced to the second round of All-State Band auditions!
Nishant Baglodi
Tristan Bennie
Alyssa Bradshaw
Ty Cundy
Adam Firment (Tuba)
Santi Garza
Daniel Kang
Cody Killebrew
Jonathan Lawton
Seth Leigh
Riley Matthews
Kate Moore
Jake Tyler
Renee Wang
Riley Welch
Ethan White

Congratulations to the students who have earned seats in the 2018 District V Honor Concert Band (9-10)!
Riley Welch

Congratulations to the students who have earned seats in the 2018 District V Honor Symphonic Band (11-12)!
Renee Weng
Daniel Kang
Elek Kozma
Riley Matthews
Cody Killebrew
Seth Leigh (First Chair!)
Adam Firment
Ty Cundy

Second round All-State Band auditions will take place Saturday, January 6th at Houston County HS in Warner Robbins, Georgia. I will send additional details when I receive them

Students: This audition date is tricky because it is before we return from winter break. You should have already been working on 2nd round audition requirements by now. If you haven't, start immediately. If you are studying with a private teacher, take as many lessons as you can between now and January 6th. Sightread as much as you can ( Do not let up on your practicing - remember that consistency is key! Use your resources (YouTube search the etudes - many college professors have recorded them as references!). You want your performance in Warner Robbins to be one that you feel really good about!

Requirements at the 2nd round audition are to play both etudes - lyrical and technical - and sightread two exercises - one lyrical, one technical.

Mr. Borger and Mrs. Groves will be available for mock auditions Thursday, January 4. Exact times are TBD based on our teacher work day schedule. Be on the lookout for an email over the break with more information.

The District Honor Band clinic will take place Friday, February 2nd - Saturday, February 3rd at North Atlanta High School. Selected participants will receive a separate email with those details.

To all students who auditioned - it takes a lot of hard work and courage to audition in what is arguably the most competitive district in the state. Regardless of the outcome, all of you should take the lessons you learned from the process, and vow to return next year with an even stronger showing. If you were not happy with your performance/results, the experience you gained this year has already placed you among the students who know what to expect in the future. That in itself will improve your chances next year.

No matter what, we are proud of all of you!

Mr. Borger & Mrs. Groves