Parents & Students,

Due to an oversight in communication, the band program was notified yesterday that the game on August 24th at Home vs. Woodstock was actually moved to August 31st. Friday was the first this was communicated with the band program and that concern has been addressed. Nonetheless, it makes for an unfortunate change in important performance dates to our band families and for that we are truly sorry. Due to the fact that the band program was planning all summer on having Labor Day Weekend as a bye-week (as the original schedule communicated and was posted) any family that has plans to travel that weekend will certainly be excused from the performance that Friday without consequence. We will plan to attend that game with the best ensemble we can given this late change in communication. Don't change any family plans for that weekend due to this schedule change - we understand the challenges this creates and we will be flexible as directors working with our families.

In addition, a minor schedule change will also be reflected on the calendar. The football and band programs always strive to work well with each other and share facilities as much as possible. Coach Bennett is very considerate and helpful in this regard. The football team will be using the stadium for practice on Thursdays this year, so the band will be holding the PAWS rehearsals (3:00-5:30) on Tuesdays in the stadium. Our Thursdays rehearsals will be 4-6:30. This may cause some small schedule adjustments for our members, but will allow us the best and most effective rehearsal schedule for the year.

Thanks for your attention to these two important schedule concerns. We strive to have an accurate and detailed calendar in the spring for families to plan and this magnitude of change after our calendar is set is not how we would choose to operate. We appreciate your understanding.

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves
Band Directors