Hi Band Parents,

My name is Rachel Marshall. Uyen Kim and I will be arranging and serving the Cambridge Band Performance dinners again thisyear. We are in charge of Friday night dinners for the band members between school and the games. We will also be feeding the band members for competitions and day camp. We are very excited about the Marching Bears of 2018-19!

We are aware that some of the band members may have a specific food allergy. We try to accommodate those members to the best of our ability. If your student has a food allergy would you please send me a quick email and also make sure you have marked 'food allergy' in their CHARMS account. We really do try to make accommodations but we need to be informed in order to do so.

We will publish the menu for the event in advance, so if the menu does not appeal to your child you are always welcome to have them bring, or you may drop off during our posted mealtime, a dinner more to their liking. We want everyone happy and well fed for our performances.

We look forward to working with you this year!


Rachel Marshall

Uyen Kim