Parents & Students,

Welcome to the Blue Sheet - our weekly announcements for Marching Band!!

Once again . . . CONGRATULATIONS. . . and THANK YOU!!! - Traveling with such a large group of students always comes with its challenges - but the students of the Cambridge Band had a great trip to Florida without incident and were a terrific group of young men and women the entire trip. Special thanks to your amazing team of chaperones - all your efforts certainly made the trip much more enjoyable for the students (and staff).

THIS WEEK (10/8)

Tuesday - PAWS-5:30 Stadium
Wednesday - 3:45-6 Guard (Practice Field)
Thursday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Friday - Football vs. Johns Creek
Saturday - HOMECOMING - be safe!!!

NEXT WEEK (10/15)

Monday - 3:45-5:30 Music Rehearsal
Tuesday - PAWS-5:30 Stadium
Thursday - 4-6:30 Parking Lot
Friday - Football vs. Pope (Senior Night)
Saturday - Sprayberry Contest (see below)


This Friday the game could have a couple of different plans for the band. Those are being finalized as I send this email - but the two possibilities would be for our band to either
1. Perform our Contest Show at PreGame - followed by the Star Spangled Banner
2. Perform a PostGame Show for our fans and alumni - maybe shared with Johns Creek, or after Johns Creek performs for pregame.
A follow-up email will be sent when these plans are confirmed.


Next Friday is our senior recognition night. We will march to the stadium a bit early to recognize all of our seniors during pregame. The band will play the Alma Mater and Star Spangled Banner from the stands on Senior Night (and dedicate the Alma Mater to our seniors). Parents of seniors will be getting a separate email this week with instructions on when to report to the track (yes, you need to buy a ticket to the game) and meet your senior as part of the recognition.


This is a long-standing competition in Georgia - always has a great reputation and is well-attended. We are excited for this FINAL competition experience for our students. Below is a preliminary timeline - this may yet be slightly adjusted and is just a preliminary schedule.
11:30 AM - Rehearsal
1:30 PM - Load Truck
2:15 - Snack/Meal
3:15 - Depart for Sprayberry
5:15 - Warmup
8:30 - Awards
10:00 - Return to Cambridge


If you are interested in auditioning for jazz bands at Cambridge - the audition material has been available for over a week - but we will be holding the auditions NEXT WEEK on Tuesday and Wednesday during classes. Too many days out of school to do it successfully this week. Thanks and good luck!!


As an additional reminder - we have created a google form for the notification of absences. We know we are missing a few students this weekend due to the calendar change. Please use the following form for all absences moving forward:

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves
Cambridge Bands