Attend the Cambridge Band Booster Meeting tonight and.......

Help the Cambridge Band earn $500!!

Keith Cumming with our Mattress Fundraiser has agreed to donate $5 per adult in attendance at our meeting tonight UP TO $500!!

We have 177 student members in our band - if 1 parent from each household comes tonight we can meet this goal!!

Keith will be giving a presentation about our upcoming Mattress Sale Fundraiser (happening at Cambridge HS on Saturday, February 9). This fundraiser requires using every parent's help for advertising - and nothing more! Keith will be giving us all the tips and info we need to make this a HUGE success!


We shared with the students in class that we are making a change to the calendar and removing an event in the near future. We had a scheduled Concert Camp on Saturday, February 9th and we are going to hold that concert camp as an in-school event for our students with a guest conductor for the day on Wednesday, February 6th. Mr. Josh Roberts, of Whitewater High School and formerly LaGrange College, will be our guest clinician for the day and we will be bringing in some supplemental sectional coaches during the day as well. This is a better fit for our programs this year and will minimize the extra-curricular time for the students while providing many of the same benefits.

So to summarize, Saturday, February 9th is no longer a day of rehearsal for the concert bands.

WE ARE HOLDING OUR MATTRESS FUNDRAISER that Saturday, and hope you will come to the parent meeting this Thursday night at 7:30pm in the band room for some more exciting information about this event. We will need your support in spreading the word about the mattress sale - it's a very minimal-effort fundraiser for our organization if we can get people to come to the event!!

Thanks for your support and understanding regarding the change in calendar. Hope to see you Thursday night for the parent meeting - lots to share and update about the semester happenings!

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves
Cambridge Bands