Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition Volunteers!
Thank you!
I want all of our band family to know that we have the most awesome and self-sacrificing people. I say that because we had people doing multiple jobs, working long hours with no breaks, and making the job look easy. I am deeply grateful. I want to also say that with all of the help of the Cambridge HS band students at the end of the exhibition, we were able to clean the stadium, break down stations, store equipment in multiple places, and clear the band room in record time. Thank you students for such a great attitude!! You are the best. In attendance at FCE were Fulton County Board members, County Office Administration, and Cambridge Administration. Many commented on our hospitality and how well everything ran. Cambridge HS Band can be proud of the success.
Thank you for all you do.
Elaine Welch,
Lead FCE Volunteer Coordinator