Parents and Students,

All students were told at practice it would be Plan B for tomorrow. Students can wear jeans/comfortable pants and show shirts. Additional layers are acceptable and encouraged. The band does own ponchos, but your own rain gear is probably preferable. Hats are encouraged as well. Try to keep everything as Cambridge colors as possible.

We also announced a Plan C. If the weather is truly as bad as forecasted for tomorrow evening and it proves to be raining all night, we will cancel the attendance at the game entirely. We cannot risk damaging the new battery that should last 5-6 years in year 1, nor would we even want the brass out at the game with an early contest reportin the morning. THIS DECISION WILL BE MADE BY 2:30 TOMORROW AFTERNOON - to allow for the most accurate assessment of the weather. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility.

Ryan Borger & Katie Groves