Parents & Students,

Thank you for staying focused and having some fun through a rainy Friday night performance - I hope you found a way to keep dry and enjoy the long weekend. Two very important NEW updates for you and I’ll keep this email brief!

  1. Marching Band Rehearsals will be from 4-6pm as we move forward now that we are back to Face-2-Face instruction. If you need assistance with a ride for a student that is still virtual - check with your section leaders and then email and we can assist you.

  2. Wednesday at 7:30 PM we have a Virtual Band Parent Meeting via TEAMS! - The link will be sent Wednesday morning and again just before the meeting.. we hope you can join us to hear some plans for moving forward to the end of the semester (and how you can help)

Wednesday will be a music rehearsal - with a slightly different report location..

Percussion/Sousas - same

Guard - same

Brass and WW - report to BACK Cafe Courtyard (Cogburn Rd Side)

Again - we will start rehearsals at 4:00 and end at 6:00 the rest of the season...

Enjoy the next couple of days - looking forward to seeing ALL of you Wednesday (in school, after school, or at the parent meeting)

Ryan Borger, director