Dear Band Families:

Many thanks to our families for your financial investment in the band program with your Performance Enhancement Fees. You may have noticed, we did reduce those this year with the knowledge that during this pandemic we would not be able to offer as much to the students. But we still want to offer as much AS WE CAN, and that does take money. Our spring coupon card sale was cut short due to the closing of schools, and we were not able to put together a “Bear Book” this year for the shortened and uncertain football season. This does have the band program at a critical point financially – and we do have opportunities we want to provide your students… so our dedicated team of parent leadership has put together a NEW fundraising opportunity that needs a small time investment from EVERYONE.

Our primary fundraising event this year will be the sale of beautiful fresh balsam and cedar wreath products from Vermont Center Wreaths, Inc.  We chose this fundraiser because of the high quality of the Vermont Center Wreath products and the long-lasting freshness experienced in prior sales.  Vermont Center Wreaths provides products at rates very similar to those found in local stores and generates a significant profit for each item sold, particularly when delivered by your student.   

There are two ways to take orders for the Vermont Center Wreath products: 1. Provide the jot form link

( that will take your prospective customers directly to the Cambridge Band link to place an order.  This link may also be found on the Cambridge High School Band page.  Customers will be able to view products, select the number of items chosen, identify the student they are supporting, and provide payment online.  These orders will be placed in bulk and will be delivered to the School in early December.  Students and parent volunteers will sort and fill the orders from the bulk delivery and then students will pick up their orders on December 5.  Students may then distribute their products directly to their customers.  Customers save the shipping costs and the Band program earns a higher profit per item sold!  

[If a potential customer is unable to use the jot form, it is recommended that they write a check to the student or student’s parent and for the student to enter the jot form remitting payment to the band via the payment methods authorized]  2. Provide prospective customers with the link to the Vermont Center Wreaths’ Online Ordering System

( with the password wreath) and select band/Cambridge High School Band.  By directing customers to this link, the customers will be able to choose their products, choose an address and date of delivery for each recipient, identify the student they are supporting, and provide payment online.  Students are encouraged to share this link widely with any and all family members, friends, and band supporters who do not live in the Milton area as Vermont Center Wreaths ships the wreath directly to your customers.  The selections and prices will vary from the local sale but all prices include delivery!

The sale will begin on Thursday, October 15 and orders must be received by October 30.  To make this sale successful, we are requesting that each band student sell a minimum of 5 products.  Every student who sells 5 wreath products in the first weekend (by Monday, October 19) will receive a $5 gift card from Starbucks!  Cash prizes for the top sellers will be $100 for first place, $75 for second place, and $50 for third place.  

Wreath products make great gifts for grandparents, teachers, tutors, neighbors and family friends! This sale becomes exponentially more successful if students will reach out to those friends and families who choose to purchase holiday gifts for their family and friends.  When your customer orders gifts that are sent directly to their friends and families, you receive credit (and the Band receives profit) for each item sold.  Think of those people who send holiday gifts to clients (like real estate agents, lawyers, etc.) and encourage them to make this year’s gift a fresh holiday wreath product!

Ryan Borger, director