Hello, and GREETINGS!

I am extremely excited to begin working with the 2021 edition of students, and parents of the Cambridge High School Band FAMILY. I am positive this season will prove to be successful and will continue to establish a culture of growth that will lead to an inspired future. In the next few days please be sure to encourage your students to HYDRATE and go OUTSIDE (for at least 30min). It is important that we arrive with our bodies acclimated to the weather we will be in for the next couple of weeks. As we prepare for band camp together, I wanted to provide you with some information that should be helpful to survive the week.

Things to know:

We are on the lookout for 3 more families who are interested in being HOST families for our staff members who will be with us from out of state! We have a mellophone staff member, alto saxophone staff member, and flute staff member who will need an awesome place to stay beginning Sunday night through the duration of camp. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to show our band camp staff why Cambridge High is an awesome place to work! Music for the 2021 Season can be found at this Google Drive Link:

Students will be expected to begin arriving each day at 8:30am with 9am start time. Please ensure that each student is dressed and prepared for athletic movement each day. Tennis shoes and athletic clothing will be the only clothing that is permitted. Students may be asked to sit out if they are not dressed in appropriate attire.

Tomorrow begins our Sectional Pre – Camps, which are required for all students to attend. Guard and Percussion members will begin on Monday with our student leadership and the Full Ensemble will be in full swing on Wednesday. We will be going each day from 9am – 3pm, with students being responsible for their own lunch.

Full Ensemble Band camp will be July 26th through July 30th and will go from 9am until 9pm. Here is the link for the full camp schedule starting with Full Ensemble Pre-Camp on July 21st:


As indicated on our Band Camp Schedule, our Band Camp Wednesday Social will be a pool party for the entire band program from 6 – 8pm at the Milton Community pool on Dinsmore Road. This will be FREE for all students. We have purchased additional lifeguards for the experience and will provide a pizza dinner for students!

*Please be sure that all Dragonfly paperwork has been completed and submitted.

Please look over the Volunteer Sign-Up list below to see our volunteer needs/times. When you come to volunteer, you’ll be able to get a glimpse at the amazing instruction by our staff and the students’ hard work and dedication during rehearsals. Pre-Band Camp (7/19 - 7/23): Pre-Band Camp Volunteer Signup

Pre-Camp 7/19-7/23

Band Camp (7/26 - 7/30): Band Camp Volunteer Signup

Band Camp 7/26-7/30

Contact Laura Morgan (laura@roblaura.com, 678-559-6562) with any questions regarding chaperone requirements.

Students will be able to leave campus for lunch. Parent permission is required. Please fill out this link: https://forms.gle/eM78vhT9T24pwEm99

o All other students are encouraged to bring a bag lunch, or have a parent drop off food during the lunch break.

Each day for the full camp, besides Friday and Wednesday, will follow this schedule: o 1stBlock – 9am – 12:00pm

o Lunch – 12:00pm – 1pm

o 2ndBlock – 1pm – 5:00pm

o Dinner – 5:00pm – 6:00pm

o 3rdBlock – 6:00pm – 9pm

This will be a long, tiring week, but following this model will give us the ability to have 6wks of rehearsal time in just 1wk! Each block will have a separate focus and students will NOT be outside for much of the day. On Friday, July 30th, we will be having a Parent/Community Preview show after dinner at 6:30pm in the Football Stadium (Auditorium Rain Location). Please invite family members and friends to this show to cheer on our students!

Once again, I will state that this will be a very long week. The sun will be hot, and the days will be long, but the memories made at band camp will last forever!

I have attached to this email a “Things to Bring to Camp” Document that should help with the needs for the week! Each student is required to bring the items listed unless stipulated on the form.

As always,

Let me know if you have questions!