We are heading straight into our first Fulton County Exhibition performance in a year and a half! We are excited to be hosting all the Fulton County High School Bands and performing for an audience of band spectators! Here are just a few updates about this week, including information on our back the band fundraiser, rehearsal for this Friday, AND the itinerary for this weekend!

Here is this email at a glance:

Help needed Thursday
Friday Evening Rehearsal
Uniform Needs
Fulton County Exhibition Schedule/Band Pictures
Back the Band Fundraiser

Student help needed Thursday:

We are in need of students who are willing to help fill candy gram bags for the upcoming Fulton County Exhibition on Thursday after school. Candy Grams will be sold at the exhibition as a message or note that friends and families can leave for students in their band program. The candy grams will be sold at the exhibition as an additional fundraiser for the band program. Students who help will be filling bags with candy and tying the message cards to the bag so that they are ready for the exhibition on Saturday. Students who are interested in helping should contact Mr. Scott to let them know of their interest.

Friday Evening Rehearsal:

Rehearsal on Friday evening will also be the beginning of set-up for the Fulton County Exhibition. We are asking that students plan to stay until 7:30pm on Friday evening to help with set-up for this event. Students will be provided Pizza for dinner following rehearsal and then each set-up job should take about 30min. Once students have been released by their adult lead they will be dismissed.

Uniform Needs:

All winds and percussionist need to ensure they have a plain black tank top to go underneath their performance uniform top. The goal is for this to be a fitted tank top that will not show on the shoulder when we have on the sleeveless performance uniform. These tank tops will need to be in the student’s possession each time we wear the performance uniform.

Fulton County Exhibition Schedule/Band Pictures:

The Fulton County exhibition schedule is attached to this email. We are excited to have our band pictures be completed this day in addition to having the exhibition. Students will be dismissed in the morning after their section pictures have been completed. Students will then be asked to return for a walk-through rehearsal of our show at 3:00pm before the student’s head to their workstations. Students will be in their under uniform for the pictures in the morning, and will be asked to wear their under uniform shirt (or show shirt if they arrive on time) and any bottoms they would like while they are working at the exhibition. Students will need to have their tank top and under uniform shorts to wear underneath the performance uniform.

Back the Band Fundraiser Final Results:

This is GREAT NEWS! We were able to almost $15,000 in our August Back the Band fundraiser with 63% participation of our students!!!! This is amazing results for a first time ever doing this fundraiser as a full program. $15,000 helps pay directly to our clinicians and staff who will be coming in the Fall semester, and we are so thankful for you all helping us reach this goal. The back the band fundraiser final spreadsheet can be found at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MGE0KuoetxJWjANsJbbFg6u_TVjgq54lTKQwAwp8zCY/edit?usp=sharing