Good evening, parents!

We have a busy and exciting weekend ahead of us with our first away football game and 2nd competition! We would love to PACK the stands each night to cheer on our amazing band students and make sure they know how proud we are of them for the hard work they have put in this season! I love going to competitons and seeing parents give rousing ovations to their programs when they come on to the field. The students love it and it doesn't go unnoticed!


Attached is the schedule for these two events. Please note that we will be performing post-game on Friday to ensure the band can have a full run of the show in preparation for the Sprayberry Competition on Saturday. We will return to Cambridge a little later than usual due to the post-game performance. However, we will not need to unload the trailer Friday night.

We will be unloading from the Competition at 11am on Sunday, Octboer 17th. We will need many volunteer to help with this process so that it goes as quickly as possible.

Friday Pregame Dinner:

BBQ Chicken
Vegetarian Lasagna (vegetarian option)
Mac and Cheese
Coleslaw and pickles

We are in immediate need for volunteers for these two events so please check out the volunteer links below and sign up if you’re available. We have to ensure that we have enough chaperone to be within a 1:10 ratio for adult to student in order for us to follow the guidance set by the county, so having enough chaperone is essential. In addition to this, equipment staff members are VITAL to the quality of our performance. We are timed from the moment we step on to the field until we leave. Without enough equipment volunteer we could acquire a timing penalty, which could effect our overall score at competitions. Please take the time to volunteer if you have not gotten a chance to:

Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

Western Carolina University Itinerary

The WCU Itinerary and details will be sent tomorrow. This will provide you with all of the information needed for students and parents to prepare for our upcoming out of state competition. I have attached a line of the competition for you to have a better idea of the day. This is a Prelims/Finals formatted show. Which means we perform earlier in the day and regardless of class judges will rank the 12 highest placing ensembles to have a second show in finals competition. Finals competition order is then choosen based off of a random draw. This would be EXTREMELY exciting for our program to make finals our first year at TOC!!

This is going to be a very exciting end to our competitive marching season! It has been an absolute joy to experience the immense amount of growth our program has experienced on and off the field the last couple of months. I look forward to many more seasons to come!