Vermont Wreath Direct Ship

Use this procedure only if you need to place an online order for out of town recipients to have Vermont Wreath center ship directly to the recipient. (Note that prices may vary as direct shipped orders include shipping costs):

1) Go to the Vermont Center Wreath Website and enter the password "wreath":

Vermont Center Wreath Direct Order Website

2) Add a wreath item to the cart

3) When you add an item to cart, please choose band/Cambridge High School Band from the big list - this is important so the band will get credit for the order!

4) Enter a student name or other information, if applicable

5) Add any additional wreaths to the cart

6) Complete your order

Orders made through Vermont Wreath website will be shipped directly from Vermont Wreathes to the recipient.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not need a wreath shipped out of town but instead are ordering for a wreath to be delivered to you (locally) by a student, please order with our Standard Wreath Order Form: