Hello, and WELCOME to the first week of school!

We are extremely excited for what will be an action packed school year! The marching band students set a LEGENDARY tone at the 2022 Marching Band Preseason Camp and the entire staff is looking forward to the start of this leg of the season!

Here is a list of the contents of this email:

Cambridge Band Swag Store Rehearsal Schedule Need to Know Info

Swag Store:

We will be opening the Cambridge Band Swag store where you will be able to purchase some Cambridge Band apparrel for the season. This store will be open online until Friday, August 26th!

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule:

Here is a glance at the rehearsals for this week:

Monday (8/08) 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Wednesday (8/10) 4:00pm - 6:30pm (Stadium rehearsal, OPEN rehearsal)

Thursday (8/11) 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Need to Know Information (Important):

Students will be permitted to utilize their band locker throughout the day to store their rehearsal clothing/jug for afterschool rehearsals. Lockers have been assigned and students can check to see what their individuals lockers and combinations will be Monday morning. They will find their locker assignment on the "Need to Know Board" next to the band room entrance door, and can pick up their combination from myself, or Mr. Makrides.

As we make the transition from Preseason Camp to after school rehearsal students should be sure they are prepared and planning for the rehearsal week. It is essential that students continue to drink water throughout the school day, bring all needed materials (chalk, fanny pack, hat, dot book, waterjug, etc), and, if preferred, a snack for after school. The timeline between end of school and the start of rehearsal is quick, so as we begin the next leg of the season I ask that all students mentally prepare what that 30 minutes will look like to ensure we begin all rehearsals on time and have productive start times.

As many parents may have read in the "Parent Cheat Sheet", the end of rehearsal time indicates when we end activity. Students will typically take 10 - 15min past the end of rehearsal time to be out to parents. If your student is on the leadership team, or front ensemble, plan for students to help with clean up, and bringing the instruments back to the band room.

If you are interested in looking ahead at the full season schedule, you can access the calendar for the entire year at this link!: https:/href=/app/calendar

This calendar is updated regularly and will be the most up to date of all schedules sent throughout the school year.

That's all for now! We hope to see you all at our OPEN rehearsals on Wednesdays in the stadium this year! The students always love performing and getting feedback from the community on those days and we would love to see you hyping up our students throughout the season!

Let me know if you have questions.



Pool Party is Wednesday, July 27 from 6-8 pm at the Milton Town Pool, 1785 Dinsmore Road, Milton, GA.

The permission form is due on Monday, July 25.

Check out our NEW Parent Bulletin! This newsletter will be coming out weekly with information that will be beneficial for the Cambridge Band Family parents to know! You'll want to check out the newsletter as your one stop shop for information on volunteering, fundraising, upcoming dates, and more!

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow!


Good morning!

I hope band camp preparations are going well for each family. I LOVE seeing the acclimation walk post from our students and am looking forward to starting this journey with them in just a few short days! I CANNOT believe we get to be with one another and start creating magic soon. My heart is full just thinking about it!!

Below are links to the schedule for the two weeks of Mon - Fri band camp and the off-campus lunch permission form. Please take note that this blanket form will serve as a permission for students to depart campus for LUNCH only during the days of band camp. If a student has not submitted this form, they will not be permitted to depart campus and will need to bring a lunch, or have a lunch brought to them. Ride-sharing is permitted but must be indicated on the form.

Off Campus Lunch Permission Form

Band Camp Schedule Week One Schedule

Band Camp Week Two Schedule

Let me know if you have questions!


Hello all!

We are extremely exited for the beginning of the 2022/23 school year and the official start to marching season with our percussion camp beginning this coming week on July 13th!

The two weeks of band camp (or the entire season for that matter) could not exist without the support of the amazing parent base we have with the Cambridge Band Parents! There are an abundance of opportunities upcoming to volunteer and help with Band Camp 2022! From helping out with the medical needs of the students, chaperoning the pool party, serving meals, and everything in between, there is something for you. If you are not able to donate your time but are interested in helping, we have a list of snacks and other donation items that are ESSENTIAL for the success of the program for band camp and the entire year.

Here is the link to our Band Webpage where you can find a list of the Volunteer Links: Parents Volunteer Sign Up Sheets

If you have question about how you can help with band camp, don't hesitate to contact our VP of Special Events and Band Camp Lead, Terran Williams, via email @ daelynn@gmail.com.

Let me know if you have any questions!

See you soon,


​Daniel M. Scott
​​Director of Bands | Cambridge High School
2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA, 30004
Cell: 252-723-5165

Attached is our "Things You Need to Be Successful for Band Camp 2022" List. There is also a link for the recording of the Informational Meeting from 6/30/22 as well as the presentation and meeting notes.

Recording of 6/30/22 Informational Meeting

Hello Cambridge Band Families!

As communication begins to ramp up for the 2022/23 school year, I invite you to join a few of the different mediums of communication we will be utilizing. My recommendation is for each family to sign up for Remind 101 and at least one other app to supplement the email blast and calendar reminders we will send out. Below are a detailed list of all of the communication chains we have and how to sign-up:

Email Blast/Booster Bulletins:

Typically, we will send one director email on Sundays with information about the upcoming week, itineraries, and any information that is important to make the events of that week run smoothly.

If possible, we try to send itineraries for upcoming events at least two weeks in advanced. For most events, the best rule of thumb is to block out the entire day (especially for competitions). Majority of our concerts for the year begin at 7:00pm, with a 6:15pm call time for students.

Events are not added to the calendar without at least two weeks' notice. New this year, we will be adding a Booster Bulletin that will be released in the middle of each week with reminders to upcoming volunteer opportunities, fundraising, etc.

*If you are reading this current email, you should be on our listerv to receive those email blast, so no extra step to sign up for these 🙂

Cambridge Band Website:

The Cambridge Band Website is a great resource for information. On the parent section of the page, we will post previous meetings, newsletters, important documents, and all information that is ever sent out through email. If you have trouble finding an email that was previously sent, the website is a great place to check for the information missed.
The website calendar will be the MOST UP TO DATE calendar. Throughout the school year we will send out calendars/schedules, but in the case of a change the website calendar will reflect what is current. https:/href=/app/calendar

To add this calendar to your own Google Calendar. Simply click the "add Google Calendar" button at the bottom of the band calendar. (recommended)

Remind 101:

Remind 101 is an excellent tool for efficient communication. This system allows for us to send out quick reminder messages, as well as Sunday robocalls. We will send out volunteer info, fundraising flyers, and rehearsal updates through this system.

More importantly, Remind 101 is the way we communicate with parents when we are off campus. We will send real time messages about itinerary updates, and ETA to and from specific events.

This is one of our most powerful communication tools. Sign up information is below:

~NON-marching students and parents: Text @cambrcon to the number 81010
~Marching Band freshmen students and parents: Text @cambfr to the number 81010
~Marching Band sophomore students and parents: Text @cambso to the number 81010
~Marching Band junior students and parents: Text @cambju to the number 81010
~Marching Band senior students and parents: Text @cambse to the number 81010

The BAND App:

This is required for students to join.
NEW THIS YEAR we have also created a parent only band app page.

We share videos, updates, itineraries, schedules, volunteering, and more. The band app can be your one stop shop for all the information with the band program. You can also send direct messages to staff, or board members through the band app. This is a subsidiary of Facebook but works more specific to instant communication.

The information to join is below: Students ONLY:


Parents ONLY:


Facebook Group:

For all our Facebook Users we have a new private Facebook group for you to join!

This is a community space for the future, current, and past families of the Cambridge High School Band program. We will share videos, volunteer information, fundraising, schedules, and more on this forum! https://www.facebook.com/groups/cambridgebandfamilypage

Social Media Pages: Be sure to like and follow our pages: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cambridgehsband Twitter: https://twitter.com/cambridge_band Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8qphuoeAchPpe2qJIvXTGA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cambridgehsband/

Word of mouth and paper documents!:

We begin every class and end every rehearsal with announcements. In addition to this we ensure that we send home paper documents of important schedules, calendars, or information students/parents may need.

If your student struggles with keeping their own calendar, we have a very large (you cannot miss it) calendar in the band room with details about the events throughout the year. No sign up necessary! Just be sure to check the bottom of your student's bookbag! 🙂

If you are new, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! This journey is a wild, exciting, and memorable ride. With over 150 students/families involved in the Cambridge Band program there is always something happening! By signing up for these communication portals, we will be able to put our best foot forward to ensuring all families are "in the know" about all things Cambridge Band!

Let me know if you have questions!



​Daniel M. Scott
​​Director of Bands | Cambridge High School
2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA, 30004
Cell: 252-723-5165

Afternoon, and WELCOME!

Medical clearance is very important to get prior to the start of the marching band season. Our students will be exercising and outside in the hot sun and it is important to make sure they are in the best health possible. In addition, our volunteer nurses need to have our students’ medical history, allergies, and emergency medication.

We use a health form management system called Dragonfly Max (DragonFly Max Access) per FCS requirements to collect and approve forms for Cambridge band students. Some of the forms are completed electronically through Dragonfly Max and other will need to be printed for your child’s doctor to complete. Once completed, forms will need to be scanned and uploaded to their account.

I have attached to this email the forms that are needed to be completed by a student's physician. All forms should be turned in prior to a student attending band camp.

Here is a breakdown of what is needed to complete medical eligibility:

Update Medical and Demographic Information (completed in Dragonfly Max)
Consent to Treatment Form (completed in Dragonfly Max)
FCS Transportation Release Form (completed in Dragonfly Max)
GHSA Medical Eligibility Form (attached to this email/scanned to DFM)
GHSA Physical Examination Form (attached to this email/scanned to DFM)
GHSA Health History Form (attached to this email/scanned to DFM)

Below are three categories that your family may fall (New Member, Returning Member, Student who is an athlete of another sport and new to marching band). Please follow the directions underneath your specific category.


NEW Marching Band MEMBERS

Please watch this before proceeding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Xk6yxvHALc

DragonFly Explanation Video (Cambridge Band) www.youtube.com Once you have watched the video, create your Dragonfly Account: Dragonfly Max Registration

PLEASE ensure that as you are creating the account, you are making the account in the PARENT name and not the students. Once you have created your account you will add your student to begin uploading the form. This is all explained in the video. (again, please watch the instructional video 🙂)


Login using the Dragonfly Max account you created last year for band.
Choose VIEW DETAILS for your student.
Under THINGS TO DO, PREP FOR 2022-23, choose GET STARTED.
Any information from the previous year will populate automatically. In addition, any forms that need to be complete for this year will be listed.


Login into Dragonfly
Click on "View Details" for the student you need to add to Band
On the top right corner, click on "+Connect to School or Association"
Pick Georgia, Type Cambridge High School (Band), select and click Join
Choose Band as your Sport/Team
Review your Information and Save
Then you will see both Cambridge High School and Cambridge High School (Band) listed under your student's details. It will indicate if there are forms that you need to submit or complete online for Band. The forms that are the same will automatically transfer over to your band account.


SHS1 – Authorization to give medicine (completed by a doctor & needed for overnight field trips/emergency meds) In addition, if your student will need medications for our overnight trip or you plan to leave emergency meds with the band camp nurse, please have your student’s doctor complete the SHS1 form and bring a copy to the first day of Band camp:

SHS2 – Authorization to carry (completed by your doctor to allow your student to carry their own emergency meds) If your student carries emergency medication, please have your student’s doctor complete the SHS2 form for file with the school nurse and bring a copy to the first day of Band Camp.


​Daniel M. Scott
​​Director of Bands | Cambridge High School
2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA, 30004
Cell: 252-723-5165

Hello all!

Happy Memorial Day weekend. There will not be a ton of emails coming from me throughout the summer, however, I wanted to first begin by letting you know that the 2022/23 School Calendar has been updated and loaded on to our Cambridge Band Website Calendar. This is the most updated information we have and wanted to get this information out ASAP so that families could plan accordingly. All families will be sent a calendar and band handbook via email in the next couple of weeks.

Please go ahead and mark on your calendars that we will be having our Band Camp informational meeting via ZOOM on Thursday, June 30th, at 6:30pm. This meeting will go over the details each family will need to make our 2022 Band Camp the BEST yet!

DCI Southeastern Championships - Atlanta, GA:

We are offering GROUP rate tickets for our students, family, and ALUMNI to buy into the Cambridge High School seating block at the 2022 DCI Southeastern Championships! Order your tickets below for the event of the SEASON! Drum Corps International is back in Georgia on Saturday, July 30th (Day after Band Camp) and you will NOT want to miss your opportunity to experience Marching Music's Major League. Truly, witnessing the Southeast Championships will be much like experiencing the Super bowl of marching band. All tickets will be purchased as a group block, providing you with a cheaper option, and guaranteed premium seating. Tickets will be given the day of the event at the entrance to the Georgia State's Center Parc Credit Union Stadium (formerly Turner Field). This link will be open until Wednesday, June 14th!

Purchase Your Tickets Here:


Have a great weekend!


​Daniel M. Scott ​​
Director of Bands | Cambridge High School
2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA, 30004
Cell: 252-723-5165

Hello all!

Online Registration to the 2022 Marching Season is officially OPEN!! If you missed our May Parent Meeting that went over extensive details leading into the season, feel free to check out the recorded video at this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GKseHcwp5UT3DAvQ8_PM3QWmhDeYOQEg?usp=sharing

Steps for Registration:

​ Register through online PickleJuice System. Families can choose a payment plan, or to pay in full If there is another payment plan needed, please reach out as soon as you can. We do not want cost to prohibit a student from being involved. Attend registration day for measurements, sizing, and information Order student apparel needs, spirit wear, etc., through the online store link below.

Reminder for all: To complete your registration process we are asking for all to attend our annual Registration Day. Registration Day for the 2022 season is THIS Wednesday, May 11th, from 4pm - 7pm. Parents and Students registering are asked to attend this important day to receive handbooks, calendars, size for shoes/jackets, as well as get measured for the 2022 Uniform. Please make plans to attend at some time block from 4pm - 7pm. If students/parents are not able to attend, please let me know and we can schedule a new time to get this information to you and complete measurements.

The documents attached will help aide you in the registration process and provide you with a timeline for payments/checklist of items to complete. Please be aware of the online store/purchase link. Once students have been fit for sizes at registration day families will be required to complete the ordering process online through the Spirit Wear store.

We hope that we can answer any questions you may have about the registration process at registration day this week.

Registration Link: https://app.picklejuiceapp.com/a/ureg/open/event/B9E37AC2

Online Store Link: https://bit.ly/BandStore

Let me know if you have questions!



​Daniel M. Scott ​​Director of Bands | Cambridge High School 2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA, 30004 Cell: 252-723-5165

Hello all,

Tomorrow night (Monday, May 2nd) is our Band Parent Informational Meeting that will be discussing details of the band program for next school year. This meeting will be our first welcoming new incoming families, as well as, giving information about schedules - fees - budget voting, and registration day. With the amount of events coming up this week, we have decided to make this an easy to attend Virtual Meeting. This will ensure that you are able to pick-up your student from the Marching Band Woodwind/Brass, or Percussion Clinic, and get home to have dinner while listening to our meeting!

If you or your student has not gotten a chance to complete this information form, PLEASE take the time to complete now: https://form.jotform.com/Treasurer_Band/2022-cambridge-band-info-form

Looking forward to seeing you at Tuesday Night's Concert!

Zoom Information Below:

Daniel Scott is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Band Parent Informational Meeting Time: Monday, May 2, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81026188546



Hello all!

Coming up in the next few days, weeks, months, FOREVER, we are in need a few volunteer to help out with the experiences we've got set for our band kiddos! Below are the most immediate needs we have, as well as information about getting prepared to work our biggest fundraiser of the year!

Band Banquet:

We are in need of a few parents who are interested in helping with setup, and tear down for our upcoming band banquet! Both task should be relatively easy as Country Club of the South will be doing majority of the work, however, we will be in need of help with place settings/center pieces/etc. Please check out the jobs at the link to see if you are available to help THIS Thursday: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c44afa923a5f9ce9-20223

AMERISBank Sales:

We have been given our own (small) booth at the Ameris Bank Ampitheater for the upcoming concert season. With the upcoming concert schedule we have the possibility of making over $15,000 for the Cambridge Band program by providing 2-3 volunteer for each shift. On Wednesday, April 27th, we will have an Alcohol awareness training session for all individuals who will be working the Ampitheater. This is NOT the only time to get this training done, but will be the most convenient. Here is the link to sign up for this class! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c44afa923a5f9ce9-20221


We are looking for a few parent volunteer to help with the upcoming Music Under the Moon Jazz event for next Friday, Apr 29th, and Saturday, April 30th. We will be looking for individuals who are able to help with set up, as well as working in person sales at the event for the raffle, baked goods, and drinks. Check out the opportunities to help the program at the link! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c44afa923a5f9ce9-music (Check back for openings to help with the event!)

Let me know if you have questions!



Hello all!

Shooting out a few updates about the start of the 2022 season! We are extremely excited for what memories and experiences our students will be getting from the 2022/23 school year and we can't wait to get started! Attached I have sent you the flyer with our upcoming Clinics and Auditions dates. The details for each of these events are labeled for you below:

-Band Banquet, Thursday, April 21st, 6:30pm, Country Club of the South
-Parent Meeting with details for next school year: Monday, May 2nd, 7pm - Via ZOOM
-Spring Concert, May 3rd, 7:00pm
-Band Registration Day: Wednesday, May 11th, 4pm - 7pm
-May Marching Band Mini Camp: Friday, May 20th 4:30 - 7pm, and Saturday, May 21st, 9am - 1pm.

Please fill out this information sheet so that we can ensure all your information is correct on our end and so that we can reserve your spot for next season. https://form.jotform.com/Treasurer_Band/2022-cambridge-band-info-form

Woodwinds and Brass Marching Band Members:
We will be having two "Intro Day" (Intro to the 2022 marching season) Events over the next two Mondays. The first date, April 25th, will be for New Members and leadership only. The following Monday, May 2nd, will be for everyone to attend! In addition to this, we will have a two day May Marching Band Mini Camp for the entire program to jump start us into learning the show. Those dates are Friday May 20th, 4:30 - 7pm, and Saturday May 21st, 9am - 1pm. (These dates and times may have changed from the original calendar)

We will be having two "Hand Sessions" over the next two Mondays. Both dates are open to all members to attend as we begin preparing for the 2022 marching season/auditions. Auditions will be May 4 - 5th, 4:30 - 7pm. In addition to this, we will have a two day May Marching Band Mini Camp for the entire program to jump start us into learning the show. Those dates are Friday May 20th, 4:30 - 7pm, and Saturday May 21st, 9am - 1pm. (These dates and times may have changed from the original calendar)

We will be having three days of auditions/clinics. All members interested in auditioning for the 2022 Fall Colorguard should attend these dates. Wed, May 4th - Friday, May 6th, 5pm - 8pm.

In addition to this, we will have a two day May Marching Band Mini Camp for the entire program to jump start us into learning the show. Those dates are Friday May 20th, 4:30 - 7pm, and Saturday May 21st, 9am - 1pm. (These dates and times may have changed from the original calendar)

Let me know if you have questions!


Hello all!

We are excited to be hosting our annual Music Under the Moon featuring our two Cambridge High School Jazz Ensembles!! This year's event will be on Saturday, April 30th, at 7:00pm and will feature a few coffee and dessert options for audience members to purchase and enjoy. We are looking forward to hosting in our courtyard at a later start time that will ensure to provide our audience members with an experience that is sure to rival any professional Jazz Club!


Our students have been working hard to prepare you with an electric performance that will be sure to have you on your feet and filled with joy. There are an abundance of pricing options for families to buy in to including VIP Tables ($100 - seating 6), General Admission ($20), Student Tickets (6 and up - $10), and Family Bundles ($50 - two adults, two kids). Kids 5 and under enter for free!

We are happy to offer a few Raffle Items for our guest to enjoy throughout the night. At the ticket link, be sure to check out our Tiered raffle prices and book your raffle tickets along with your seat TODAY!

Don't wait to grab your seat as VIP tables and general seating is LIMITED. We have sent out this link to our families tonight and will open to the general public TOMORROW. Don't miss your opportunity to see our talented kiddos up close and personal at our 2022 Music Under the Moon!

Purchase Tickets Here: https://bit.ly/mutm2022



Cambridge Band Booster Club Inc.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 6:30pm

General Parent Meeting

Welcome Daniel Scott, Director

The meeting was called to order at 6:42pm
Parent Information Daniel Scott, Director

 Our March Parent Meeting offered a Hybrid format with 17 attending virtually and 42 parents attending in person  We have 143 families in our Booster organization desiring to be engaged and offered transparent information to support our students.

 Our financial status is stable but we still have many outstanding fees in our winter programs.

 Thank you to nominating committee Laura Morgan, Tracey Gaertner, Terri Pascuzzi and Daniel Scott for providing us an outstanding Slate of Officers.

 The nominated Slate of Officers was presented to our general membership as follows: President – Cindy Roberts, Secretary – Diane Pete, VP of Ways and Means – Brian Edison, VP of Special Events – Terran Williams, VP of Communications – Becky Bryant and VP of Parent Activities – Leann Jaeger. Nominations were opened to the floor. Daniel Scott closed nominations and RaeAnn Frank seconded. The slate of officers was voted in as presented with 59 voting yes and none opposed.  An 8th Grade Parent Liason and a Color Guard Liason will be added to our Board meetings.

 Next year we would like to add a Treasurer in Training and President Elect positions to our Board

 Leadership applications have been passed out to Students. Applications are due on April 15th prior to an interview. To be considered you much be: a problem solver, an advocate for the program, service oriented and engaging.

 Leadership will fill the following positions: Drum Major (2), President (1), Vice President (1), Caption Leader (5) and Student Leader (8-15).

 Our Band Banquet is being chaired by Tracey Gaertner and Delia Rehg. Senior parents are asked to email Delia with senior photos, the provided link does not work. There is a senior meeting prior to the Banquet but assigned seating is provided to our senior families to allow them to attend both functions.

 Recognition and leadership awards will be presented at the Band Banquet. Seniors will present Senior Spotlights with final wisdoms of being part of this program.

 Coupon Card deadline is April 18th. Becky Bryant is chair. 105 have been sold so far with a goal of 800-900. Each student has been given 5 cards to sell at $10 each.

 The Jazz Ensemble will be performing at the Alpharetta Arts Center.

 MUTM will be April 30th (Mr. Scott’s Birthday). We are considering starting later in the evening to provide a concert under the moon and stars, as well as offering child care. There will be different levels of tickets available as well as VIP tables.  The Jazz Ensembles had a fantastic trip to Cincinnati.

 We will be providing a Beer Stand at the Ameris Amphitheater for their 2022 season. Michelle Smith will be lead on this fundraiser and will need 2 to 3 parent volunteers per concert. Alcohol training is required for all volunteers (18 years or older only), which will be good for 3 years. We plan to set up volunteer slots by sections allowing funds raised to be used by our Winter Programs also. Concert season will be May 1st through the end of October.

 Band Registration will be May 11th. We plan to streamline the process providing uniform measurements and clear information about the coming year and fees.

 Our Marching Band will be attending Bands of America Championships October 22, 2022 in Orlando, Florida.  Our Jazz Band will be attending Jazz Fest 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We hope to take our Jazz Band to New York also during the 2023 season.

 Our Jazz Band will participate at LGPE on April 29, 2022 at Marietta High School with Solos and Ensembles competing on April 30th.

 We will offer our Spring Concert on May 3, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:266pm.
Minutes submitted by Nancilee Wolfe, Secretary.


Here are a few updated call times for each ensemble for tomorrow night!

Concert Band: 5:30pm (Auditorium)

Symphonic Band: 6:15 (Auditorium)

Wind Symphony: 6:30 (Band Room)

As a reminder each student should be in their Concert Black uniform. Each student needs to ensure they have closed toe, all black dress shoes, and gentlemen need to ensure they have long black socks. Cummerbund should be worn around the outside of the white tux shirt with "pleats up".

We are looking forward to tomorrow's concert. Let me know if you have questions!



Hello, all!

I wanted to send a quick Concert reminder to our families with a few details for next Tuesday's Pre-LGPE Concert. The call time for our Concert Band and Symphonic Band students will be 6:15pm. Call time for Wind Symphony Musicians will be 6:30pm. The doors to the auditorium will open at 6:45pm and the concert will begin at 7:00pm. Please be aware that this date will be the ACT day for many of our students, so all should plan accordingly for the concert that night.

Your students concert attire is being distributed this week, please ensure their items are wrinkle free and stage length before arriving Tuesday.

Important Reminders:

-Please read the information taped to the outside of your students packaging.
-Try on all pieces ASAP
-If items need to be hemmed, please do so by Tuesday. Pins are okay for March 8th but a neat, clean hem will be needed for LGPE on March 22nd.
-Steam or iron out wrinkles.
-Black socks and shoes only
-Flats or heals okay

If your students newly ordered/purchased items have been delayed due to supply/demand challenges, a substituted item has been sent home to be worn on Tuesday. Please return these items by the end of next week. A separate email for these students will be sent out soon.

Let me know if you have questions!



Hello all!

Our newest opportunity to support Cambridge Band Bears has arrived!! This time we get to support the band AND our community! The students will be selling The Discount Card that gives us discounts and specials to local businesses. This has the potential to bring in over $7500 for the band program!!! Everyone’s participation is needed to make it a success. Fundraiser will run from Feb 23rd-Apr 28th!

• Students will receive 5 cards each on Feb 22nd. To be a successful fundraiser, we need each student to sell AT LEAST 5 cards each. (Profit of $7,750)

• Cards are $10 each. There is no option to purchase them online. Kids can accept cash, Venmo/Other cash apps or check as a form of payment.

• Money and checks need to be put in an envelope with their first and last name written on the outside of the envelope, along with the amount of cash and check(s) being turned in. Place the envelope in the Black Band Box by Mr. Mercer’s office.

• After selling their first batch of cards, students are encouraged to pick up another bag of cards from Mr. Mercer.

• All unsold cards MUST be turned in by Apr 28th or you will be responsible for paying the $100 cost for these cards. These cards require no activation so it is important to return the unsold cards.

• Cards are valid from March of this year through March of 2023.

• Becky Bryant is the Lead on this fundraiser:


Hello all,

Please see the message below from our Uniform Lead, Kynley Charles, discussing the options for purchasing the concert attire for this year.

Band Families,

As we head into the spring concert season, it's time to order concert attire. This year, we are updating the required concert attire.

2021-22 Concert Attire:

Ladies: Black Dress or Romper

Gentleman: 5 piece Tuxedo (Coat, Pants, white shirt, bow tie and cumberbund can be purchased individually as needed).

Students may wear their previous year's concert uniform if it still fits, which would be the concert dress with velvet top for girls and the white button-down shirt and pants for boys. The boys will still need to purchase the other items in the new uniform (tuxedo jacket, cumberbund/bowtie) in order to complete the required look.

Your student has been measured and sizes will be selected for him/her based on these measurements. You only need click on the link below to select and purchase the items you need.

Due to the tight turnaround times for some of the items, we ask that you respond to this email with your selection(s) as soon as possible, no later than Friday, February 4, 2022. Pants, dresses, and rompers will come unhemmed and students will be responsible for any necessary alterations.

To order uniform: Concert Uniform Order Link

If your female student is planning to wear the previous concert uniform dress and does not need to place an order, please indicate this on the form.

If you have any questions regarding the concert uniform, please contact Kynley Charles at kynley@bellsouth.net or Mr. Scott at scottd2@fultonschools.org.