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Good Evening Band Family! Attached you will find the latest editon of the Band Bulletin, please click on the link to see the full bulletin. Thank you, Cambridge Band Boosters

Hello all,

Attached is the itinerary to the Music for All Southeastern Regional Concert Band Festival. We are honored that the Wind Enemble has been selected to perform as a featured ensemble at the prestigous event and we are looking forward to performing at the Rialto center in about a week! Please know that all performances for the festival are FREE and OPEN to the public. We would LOVE to see you there!!

Students should receive a paper copy of the itinerary and the teacher acknowledgement form today in class. All students should be sure to pick this up before the end of class today.

We are thankful that our folks at Chattahoochee HS have given us the opportunity to rideshare with them to the festival! We will be meeting AT CHATTAHOOCHEE HS Thursday morning for departure. Please DO NOT COME TO CAMBRIDGE HS. We ask that students plan to be dropped off at Chattahoochee HS at 6:00am on Thursday. In necessary situations students may drive themselves and park at Chattahoochee, however, there are VERY LIMITED visitor parking areas that we need for our chaperone, so please plan to have students dropped off that morning. Because of this students will need to be sure to TAKE THEIR INSTRUMENTS HOME NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

Students will need to be prepared with their concert black for the concert performance. Students are permitted to arrive in street clothes, but need to be sure they have ALL of their materials for the concert. Lunch will be at restuarants on Broad St. Students will be permitted to pick from the 7 locations located on broad street. Lunch is on the student and will not be provided. All other details can be found on the itinerary.

Let me know if you have questions,


Hello all!

I wanted to send out final reminders for our LGPE Week.

Rehearsal Days: 3rd Period and 6th Period Percussion: Monday, March 4th, 7:15am - 8:15am 4th Period and 5th Period Percussion: Tuesday, March 5th, 7:15am - 8:15am

Performance Times: Concert Band: 3:30pm, Wednesday March 6th - Students will need to depart from 5th period at 2:00pm for dressing. Symphonic Band: 4:00pm, Thursday, March 7th - Students will need to report for dressing at the beginning of 6th period. Wind Ensemble: 6:30pm, Friday, March 8th - Call Time is 5:15pm (Students should arrive dressed)

*Reminder to all students that the band room will be COMPLETELY CLOSED starting Wednesday, March 6th to all activity (no homeroom practice, lunch, or separate practice time whatsoever). There are VERY LIMITED windows of times each day that students will be able to go into the room to grab things they may need, or have forgotten. Please plan accordingly as the room will be completely closed down all other times of the day. Those times when the room will be open are as follows: Wednesday, March 6th: 7am - 9am 1:00pm - 1:30pm 4:20pm - 4:30pm 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Thursday, March 7th: 7am - 9am 12:45pm - 1:30pm 4:45pm - 5;45pm

Friday, March 8th: 7am - 9am 1:15pm - 2:00pm 4:45pm - 5:15pm

Students will only need to bring their instruments starting Wednesday on the days that they are performing for LGPE. On those days students will bring their concert black and place those on the racks in one of the dressing rooms and leave their instruments in the dressing rooms as well.


Attached is the game day sheet for the upcoming Homecoming Game against GAC. Please take note that we will be performing our show for Post-Game of this game because of homecoming festivities. This night is also 8th Grade Band Night #2 for our Northwestern Middle 8th grade students! We are excited to share the field with them this Friday!

Please take a moment to check out our fun meal theme for this week, which is "Home cooked meal for Homecoming". If there is a dish that you love to share with guest, or if anyone is ever RAVING about your famous mac and cheese, check out some items on the sign up genius that you may be able to share with the band students this week.

In addition to this, we have a few concession stand spots open for this week. This concession stand shift for this week should be shared by the drumline family members! Here is the link:

Let me know if you have questions!



Hello all,

I am so excited as I write this message as we have a HUGE week coming up for our students and band community. The information below is provided to help you with navigating this week and to provide a few updates on happenings in Cambridge Band Land.

Here is a snapshot of this email:

All State/All State Jazz/Fulton County Honor Band Registration Due 9/18
September Parent Meeting (6:00pm 9/19)
Weekly Rehearsal Schedule
Thursday Concert Band Morning Rehearsal
Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition/Itinerary
Bands of America Chaperone Interest Form
All State/All State Jazz/Fulton County Honor Band Registration Due 9/18:

The due date for All State Band, All State Jazz, and Fulton County Honor Band audition registration is due tomorrow, Monday, September 18th! The registration will close down on Tuesday morning. It is important that all students who are interested in auditioning for these ensembles to register prior to the deadline, or massive late fees will be applied to the registration. Click on the link for registration:

September Parent Meeting (6:00pm 9/19):

We will be having our September parent meeting in the Band Room on Tuesday, September 19th, at 6:00pm! It is important that parents attend as we will be going over information for Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition, Bands of America, upcoming fundraisers, and more! This meeting will not be provided virtually. We will be sure to share powerpoints and meeting minutes following the event.

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule:

This week's rehearsal schedule is as follows: Monday: 4 - 7pm, Wednesday 4 - 7pm (OPEN Rehearsal in the stadium, please attend), Thursday 4 - 7pm, Friday 4 - 6:30pm (set up for Fulton County Marching Exhibition will follow rehearsal until approximately 8:00pm)

Thursday Concert Band Morning Rehearsal:

Reminder that 3rd period band class, and the 5th period period percussionist will have our first morning rehearsal in preparation for our October 3rd concert from 7:10am - 8:15am. Attendance is required for these rehearsals as they will be our only opportunities to play with the two class periods prior to the concert.

Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition/Itinerary:

Attached to this email is the student itinerary for this Saturday's Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition at Cambridge High School! The itinerary is a broad overview of the day for students and includes our performance time. As of now, we will be wearing our traditional uniform for the exhibition, but if our performance uniform arrives in time, we will make an effort to wear the performance uniform for the performance on Saturday!

As I am sure you may be aware, the Fulton County Exhibition is a huge event for the county where the 15 high school ensembles come up north to showcase their halftime marching band productions. This event bolsters thousands of band students and approximately 5,000 guest. We are looking forward to being the host of this esteemed event. As you are making plans for this Saturday, please take some time to check out our volunteer page as we are still in need of a few parent volunteer to help out with this weekend's event. Volunteer who sign up for two or more shifts get in to the event for free! Please take a moment to sign up here:

Bands of America Chaperone Interest Form:

We have had great interest from our community about being a chaperone for our overnight trip experience to Maryland for the Bands of America Regional marching band championships! Because of this interest we are asking that all complete this interest form so that we can communicate with you about the opportunity to chaperone. Please be aware that chaperones will need to have gone through a background check, fingerprinting, and badging process through Fulton County Schools in order to be an overnight chaperone for this trip. This is a lengthy process that can take anywhere from 3 - 5 weeks! Please take the time to complete this form if you are interested in chaperoning:

Upcoming Events:

Cambridge Band Calendar

Let me know if you have questions!



Good Evening Band families! Attached is the latest edition of the Band Bulletin. Please click the attachment to see the full bulletin.

It's that time of year again!

It's time to register for the All State Band, All State Jazz Band, and Fulton County Honor Band.

If you have never gotten a chance to hear about the Fulton County Honor Band. This honor band is comprised of some of the best musicians from the 17 high schools in the Fulton County district. This is a PERFECT opportunity to step into the honor band clinic experience. Last year Cambridge had 13 students participate in the All County Honor Band and they thoroughly enjoyed their time!

Audition Information:

Packets can be picked up from Mr. Scott in the Band Room tomorrow*

Fulton County Honor Band: Videos Due Nov. 1st
All State Jazz Band Round 1 Audition: Monday, Oct. 2nd, All State Jazz Band Round 2
Audition: Friday, December 1st
All State Band Round 1 Audition: Saturday, December 9th, All State Band Round 2 Audition: Saturday, January 7th

The Fulton County Honor Band clinic will occur at Centennial High School on November 13th - 14th. The cost to register is $26.
The All State District Honor Band clinic will occur at Chattahoochee HS on February 2nd - 3rd.
The All State Jazz Band clinic will occur in Athens, GA on January 25th - 27th
The All State Band clinic will occur in Athens, GA on February 29th - March 2

Be sure to Register prior to 6:30pm, MONDAY, September 18th

Click the link below: Link to Register

Let me know if you have questions!


Hello, All! It's hard to believe that we are a little over a week away from the Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition that is being held on Sept 23rd. This event will showcase 15 high schools featuring close to 1,200 band and color guard members, with 3,000 spectators in attendance. This is also one of the rare times that all of the bands from both North and South Fulton County are together at one event. Cambridge has shown that as a community, we have what it takes to put on an event of this magnitude, and it is the reason we continue to be selected to host this exhibition. But, this event can't happen unless ALL of us are able to help out. It really does take a village to make this a successful and fun event for everyone!

Many of our parents continue to go above and beyond with their support and dedication towards our band's success, and we know this event won't be any different! We have already received some of the items from our wish list, filled the Lead positions for the various responsibilities within the event, but we need to focus on filling the MANY of the volunteer positions throughout the day. We need each family help us out by volunteering for one of the open positions so that we can deliver yet another enjoyable experience for all of the bands and families involved.

Here is the link to access the volunteer sign up:

Let me know if you have questions!



Good Evening Band Family!! Attached you will find the latest edition of the band bulletin!! Please open the attachment to see all of the bulletin(it is 4 pages this week). As a reminder anything underlined is a "hot" link that when you click it will take you directly to the SUG, Jotform or band website to find what you need.

Good Evening Band Family!! Here is the latest edition of the band bulletin. Please click on the attachment to see the full bulletin.

Good Evening Band Family!!! Attached you will find the latest edition of the Band Bulletin please open the link to see the full bulletin.

A few tips that will help you navigate the bulletin and use it to its fullest potential:

1- All underlined items are a "hot" link and when used will take you to the desired sign up or jot form.

2- often times there are multiple pages so keep scrolling to see any additional flyers

3- important dates are always found on the left hand side of the bulletin, the title UpComing Events will guide you to the website calendar.

We hope everyone has a great first day back!!

Hello, Band Families!

Happy "School Year" Eve! This email exist to provide some information for the upcoming week with the marching band/band program, and some information for the season. I am extremely excited to get this school year started. I have a strong feeling that this will be one of the most historical years for the Cambridge Band Program and will be sure to create memories galore for our band kiddos (the only reason we do this!). From the school's first GMEA appearance in history, to an invited performance at the Music For All Regional Concert Band Festival, a national marching performance at BOA Maryland, and MORE, this year is shaping up to be incredible already! I am sure our student's will rise to the challenge of becoming the only "triple threat" (Jazz, Concert, and Marching) program in the state of Georgia and I'm looking forward to what we will accomplish as a family.

Here is this email in a snapshot below:

~Wednesday Marching Band Picture Day (6 - 8pm)

~Tuesday Parent Meeting - 6pm (Band Room)

~Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

~Parent Help Needed

~Upcoming Events

Wednesday Marching Band Picture Day (6 - 8pm)

Wednesday is our annual marching band picture day! As this is a typical rehearsal day for the ensemble, all should take note of the additional hour that is being scheduled for students on Wednesday. Please be aware that once photos begin, the time is very flexible and students will be taking full ensemble, section, and individual pictures in uniform. Because of this, students may end much earlier than 8:00pm depending on their photo slot. The schedule will be as follows:

4:00pm - Music/Visual Sectionals

5:00pm - Begin Dressing/Preparing for Photos

6:00pm - Photos Begin in Auxiliary Gym

Full Ensemble Photo Leadership Photo Section Photos in Reverse Score Order Individual Photos (Seniors will take Senior Banner Photos with Mrs. Gibson) 8:00pm - Approximate End Time

Once students have completed their individual photos, they are free to leave. Photo packages will be available through the CADY link that will be sent to each individual families once pictures are complete.

*As an aside - Senior Families. Senior Banners will be a MAX of $50 for seniors this year. We will be creating a separate link for you to purchase your student's senior banner (which they can keep at the end of the season) through the band program. More information to come

Tuesday Parent Meeting - 6pm (Band Room)

Our monthly band parent meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th, at 6:00pm in the Cambridge Band Room. This meeting should take apprx. an hour and will go over details of volunteer needs, chaperoning, football game schedules, Maryland BOA trip details, and more. As of now there is no virtual option for this meeting.

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule:

This week's full rehearsal schedule is Monday, and Thursday 4:00pm - 7:00pm. Parents (and those picking up our students) please be aware that we will be starting our final wrap up meeting at approximately 6:45pm each day at the end of rehearsal. Following this, students are dismissed to the band room. We divide the duties up of which sections are helping each day with the front ensemble and there are a few students who are on prop crew/field cleaning, etc. This may take upwards of 15min - 20min for your students to arrive to your cars. It may be a great idea to gauge how long it takes your student to get to you this week to plan out the rest of the season.

As each individual has their own spot in the show, attendance at all rehearsals are mandatory. For this show in particular, it is essential that all students are present at all rehearsals, and performance. Our production this year will feature 12 moving stages that each student will have a hand in helping move throughout the show. To give you a good picture - if a student is not present for rehearsal and they move the stage, the stage will cannot be moved. This creates an avalanche of issues because Colorguard members grab equipment from the stages and our drill is created around the stages. ATTENDANCE IS NECESSARY!

**If a student has an unavoidable absence, early departure, or tardy, this information should be communicated on this form ASAP:

Parent Help Needed:

Volunteer Opportunities Available:

Friday Night Football Game (Home Football Opener, August 25th) -

Concession Stand - 8 Slots Available: We separate Concession Stand Volunteering by instrument. When your student's instrument is drafted, we asked that you sign up to have a blast in the VISITOR'S concession stand. the Aug 25th game drafted families are (Colorguard last name A - G, Trumpets, Tubas, and Drum Majors) Uniform Volunteer - 1 Slot Available Equipment Volunteer - 10 Slots Available Clear Bag Sales Prior to Game - 1 Slot Available Food Donation - 1 Slot Available Sign up at the link below:

Ameris Bank Amphitheater Drink Stand -

We have a few concerts that have slots needing to be filled. Take a moment to check out the shows that you'll be available to help the band meet our fundraising goal!

August 12th - 3 Slots Available

August 26th - 2 Slots Available

September 8th - 3 Slots Available

September 11th - 1 Slot Available

September 12th - 4 Slots Available

September 20th - 4 Slots Available

Click the link below to sign up:

Upcoming Events:

-August 18th - Away FB vs. Creekview

-August 25th - Home FB vs. Denmark

-Saturday Camp - August 26th - 10am - 6:00pm

-September 1st - Away FB vs. Alpha

-September 8th - Home FB (Middle School Band Night) vs. West Forsyth

-Premiere Concert (Wind Ensemble Only) September 14th - 7:00pm

That's all for now! Let's have a great week!!


Good Evening Band Family!! Attached is the latest edition of the Band Bulletin. Please open the link to see the full bulletin. This will be a valuable resource for you as the year kicks off, the bulletin will come out every Sunday evening. Be sure to find and "like" our Facebook pages " Cambridge High School Band" and "Cambridge Band Family Page" to get updates and announcements. Also use this link to download the Band App all of these things will help to keep you in the know as far as band!!! GO BEARS!!!

Hello All!

We are officially ONLY A FEW DAYS from FULL ENSEMBLE Band Camp 2023, and the New Member wind players join us TOMORROW. The link to the schedule to this jammed pack week is below under the links sub header! I, along with our 2023 Camp Staff, are extremely excited to get this show on the field! We have some AWESOME Staff working with our kiddos this year and will include some new faces, as well as many familiar staff members.

A few reminders:

-If you haven’t gotten a chance to complete your RankONE medical documentation, please take a chance to get that complete this week! I have attached the parent tutorial to this email.

-Dinner will be provided each day for our students by our band families. Lunch, however, is not being provided. Students will be allowed to travel off campus for lunch throughout the week. An online jot form must be filled out stating that the student has the parents’ permission to leave campus for lunch. (This includes if a student would like to walk to Burger King during their lunch break) This form can be found under the link sub header, entitled “Lunch Permission”.

-This week will be tiring for our students but filled with the opportunity to create memories that will last forever. With that being said, students should begin preparing their bodies for the experience of next week. Students should be drinking water, and electrolyte replenishing liquids exclusively while cutting the consumption of fatty foods, or sugar. In addition to this, students should begin spending 30min to an hour outside each day for the next week to begin acclimating their bodies for the heat. I, for one, am fully prepared as I have been in 97-degree weather in Alabama for the past week. (Not recommended)!!!

-Students should be gathering their music and materials for camp, obtaining a half gallon blue igloo water jug, balloons, and breathing pipes, and all necessary items for camp. I have attached the “Things you need to be successful for Band Camp and Beyond” document. If you have questions about any of these items, please let me know!

Parent Volunteers Needed: For those who have not gotten a chance to check out our volunteer needs for camp, please take a moment to view our sign-up genius. As a quick reminder, we do ask that all families volunteering at a minimum 5 separate instances throughout the season. Band Camp is such an enjoyable experience that you won’t want to miss! Seeing the very beginnings of the season is always an exciting time!! The link to our volunteering page can be found here: https:/href=/parents-and-students/volunteer

Student Links:

-2023 Band Camp Week 1 Schedule:

-2023 Band Camp Week 2 (Full Ensemble) Schedule:

-Lunch Permission Form:

I am extremely excited to begin this memorable season with our band family!

See you soon,


Daniel M. Scott

Good Evening Band Family!! Attached you will find the latest edition of the Band Bulletin. As the season is rapidly approaching please be sure to click the link to see the entire bulletin. There are so many opportunities to volunteer and get involved!!!


Below is the information needed to complete your students medical form information. We are switching to RankONE this year instead of DragonFly Max. Please be aware that the only forms that are required for Band Students will be the Insurance Form, Health Physical, Emergency Medical Care Form, and the Transportation Form. The Insurance Forms, Emergency Medical Care, and Transportation Form can be filled out online and the Physical Form will be uploaded by each family member.

Here is the link for the RankOne portal:

Attached is a step by step guide for parents to create an account and complete the forms online through the Rank One system.

Important Health Information

As we are entering into the season where students will be outside for longer, extended periods of time, I felt as if we needed to begin dialogue on how imperative it is to our success that the students take care of their bodies physically!

“Great athletes are like luxury cars; they don’t run well on regular fuel. This makes it imperative that you put high-quality fuel into your body. You need to achieve a balance of macronutrients from natural sources.”

In the past there have been MULTIPLE cases of students who skipped breakfast and have come to rehearsal without eating, or drinking water. Marching Band is an outdoor activity. Typically, we run 2 laps at an extremely slow pace and stretch before rehearsal and in the past have had two to three students complaining of dizziness and lightheaded symptoms after 30min of being outside. It is imperative that our students are taking care of themselves! It would be a great for students to pack your student snacks throughout the day and food for when we have our long days.


Here is an article put together by marching health that gives you a few ideas of how to be sure your student’s nutritional needs are being met for this activity!

I am excited for the next couple of action packed weeks!

Let me know if you have questions,


DCI Southeastern Championships - Atlanta, GA:

We are offering GROUP rate tickets for our students, family, and ALUMNI to buy into the Cambridge High School seating block (50 seats spots open in section 218) at the 2023 DCI Southeastern Championships! Order your tickets below for the event of the SEASON! Drum Corps International is back in Georgia on Saturday, July 29th (Day after Band Camp) and you will NOT want to miss your opportunity to experience Marching Music's Major League live and in person. Truly, witnessing the Southeast Championships will be much like experiencing the Super bowl of marching band.

Tickets for this event are now upwards of $140 and in the absolute nose bleeds of the stadium!!! Our group rate tickets will only cost $60 (which inlcudes fees) All tickets will be purchased as a group block, providing you with a cheaper option, and guaranteed premium seating. Tickets will be given the day of the event at the entrance to the Georgia State's Center Parc Credit Union Stadium (formerly Turner Field). More information will be sent once your ticket is purchased. However, here is the event website for those who may not have information on the who, what, when, and where of the event:

This link will be open until Saturday, July 22nd!

*Transportation will not be provided for this event.

Purchase Your Tickets Here:

Good Evening Band family!!! Attached you will find the latest edition of the Band Bulletin!! It is PACKED with important dates and links to MUCH NEEDED volunteer opportunities. Please click the link to see the entire Bulletin.

Good Evening band family!! Attached is the latest edition of the band bulletin. Please click on the link to open the attachment. There are LOTS of opportunities for you to get involved, be sure to see where you can help out!!