2022-2023 Band Program

The Cambridge High School Marching Band includes Band members, Drumline, and the Color Guard.

Recording from Parent Meeting on Monday, May 2, 2022


      Families can choose a payment plan, or to pay in full.

If there is another payment plan needed, please reach out as soon as you can. We do not want cost to prohibit a student from being involved.

   (2)    ORDER Uniform Items/Spiritwear

The online order form enables band members to purchase any of the following items:
    - Under Uniform Shirt
    - Under Uniform Shorts
    - Shoes
    - Band Jackets
    - Spirit Wear

All NEW MARCHING BAND MEMBERS must purchase under uniform shirt, shorts, jacket and shoes. Members will wear the under uniform shirt and shorts under their traditional marching band uniform. Jackets are the only approved outerwear for colder events.
RETURNING MEMBERS may elect to purchase under uniform shirt, shorts and shoes if needed. Most returning members will need to purchase a jacket if not purchased in December.

All COLORGUARD MEMBERS must purchase a jacket.

Spiritwear is optional. Spiritwear items currently include Parent Polos and Windbreakers. Other items to come in August.

All Marching band students (including ColorGuard) must supply a BLUE 1/2 gallon water jug for marching band activities, to hydrate and to avoid heat exhaustion these can be purchased from Amazon or from local retailers.

If any of these items are needed, purchase using the store order form link above.


MEDICAL FORMS All forms much be uploaded to Dragonfly Max by July 1, 2022.


Medical clearance is very important to get prior to the start of the marching band season. Our students will be exercising and outside in the hot sun and it is important to make sure they are in the best health possible. In addition our volunteer nurses need to have our students’ medical history, allergies, and emergency medication.

We use a health form management system called Dragonfly Max (DragonFly Max Access) per FCS requirements to collect and approve forms for Cambridge band students. Some of the forms are completed electronically through Dragonfly Max and other will need to be printed for your child’s doctor to complete. Then the forms will need to be scanned and uploaded to their account.

These are the forms in Dragonfly:

  • Update Medical and Demographic Information (completed in Dragonfly Max)
  • Consent to Treatment Form (completed in Dragonfly Max)
  • FCS Transportation Release Form (completed in Dragonfly Max)
  • GHSA Medical Eligibility Form (uploaded after completed)
  • GHSA Physical Examination Form (uploaded after completed)
  • GHSA Health History Form (uploaded after completed)

NEW Marching Band MEMBERS Please watch this before proceeding: DragonFly Instructional Video
Once you have watched the video, create your Dragonfly Account: DragonFly Max Access
PLEASE ensure that as you are creating the account, you are making the account in the PARENT name and not the students. Once you have created your account you will add your student to begin uploading the form. This is all explaned in the video (again, please watch the instructional video).


  • Login using the Dragonfly Max account you created last year for band.
  • Choose VIEW DETAILS for your student.
  • Under THINGS TO DO, PREP FOR 2022-23, choose GET STARTED.
  • Any information from the previous year will populate automatically. In addition, any forms that need to be complete for this year will be listed.


  • Login into Dragonfly
  • Click on "View Details" for the student you need to add to Band
  • On the top right corner, click on "+Connect to School or Association"
  • Pick Georgia, Type Cambridge High School (Band), select and click Join
  • Choose Band as your Sport/Team
  • Review your Information and Save
Then you will see both Cambridge High School and Cambridge High School (Band) listed under your student's details. It will indicate if there are forms that you need to submit or complete online for Band. The forms that are the same will automatically transfer over to your band account.

SHS1 – Authorization to give medicine (completed by a doctor & needed for overnight field trips/emergency meds)
In addition if your student will need medications for our overnight trip or you plan to leave emergency meds with the band camp nurse, please have your student’s doctor complete the SHS1 form and bring a copy to the first day of Band camp:

SHS2 – Authorization to carry (completed by your doctor to allow your student to carry their own emergency meds)
If your student carries emergency medication, please have your student’s doctor complete the SHS2 form for file with the school nurse and bring a copy to the first day of Band Camp.

Have Questions or need assistance? Contact the Cambridge Band Booster president at president@cambridgeband.org.