Hello, and WELCOME to the first week of school!

We are extremely excited for what will be an action packed school year! The marching band students set a LEGENDARY tone at the 2022 Marching Band Preseason Camp and the entire staff is looking forward to the start of this leg of the season!

Here is a list of the contents of this email:

Cambridge Band Swag Store Rehearsal Schedule Need to Know Info

Swag Store:

We will be opening the Cambridge Band Swag store where you will be able to purchase some Cambridge Band apparrel for the season. This store will be open online until Friday, August 26th!

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule:

Here is a glance at the rehearsals for this week:

Monday (8/08) 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Wednesday (8/10) 4:00pm - 6:30pm (Stadium rehearsal, OPEN rehearsal)

Thursday (8/11) 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Need to Know Information (Important):

Students will be permitted to utilize their band locker throughout the day to store their rehearsal clothing/jug for afterschool rehearsals. Lockers have been assigned and students can check to see what their individuals lockers and combinations will be Monday morning. They will find their locker assignment on the "Need to Know Board" next to the band room entrance door, and can pick up their combination from myself, or Mr. Makrides.

As we make the transition from Preseason Camp to after school rehearsal students should be sure they are prepared and planning for the rehearsal week. It is essential that students continue to drink water throughout the school day, bring all needed materials (chalk, fanny pack, hat, dot book, waterjug, etc), and, if preferred, a snack for after school. The timeline between end of school and the start of rehearsal is quick, so as we begin the next leg of the season I ask that all students mentally prepare what that 30 minutes will look like to ensure we begin all rehearsals on time and have productive start times.

As many parents may have read in the "Parent Cheat Sheet", the end of rehearsal time indicates when we end activity. Students will typically take 10 - 15min past the end of rehearsal time to be out to parents. If your student is on the leadership team, or front ensemble, plan for students to help with clean up, and bringing the instruments back to the band room.

If you are interested in looking ahead at the full season schedule, you can access the calendar for the entire year at this link!: https:/href=/app/calendar

This calendar is updated regularly and will be the most up to date of all schedules sent throughout the school year.

That's all for now! We hope to see you all at our OPEN rehearsals on Wednesdays in the stadium this year! The students always love performing and getting feedback from the community on those days and we would love to see you hyping up our students throughout the season!

Let me know if you have questions.