Audition Date: Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

I'm looking forward to getting start with our Jazz Ensembles! We have an AMAZING history of Jazz Excellence in Bear Country and the 2022/23 season will NOT disappoint! We will once again have TWO Jazz Ensembles this year.

  1. 7 o'clock Jump - Auditioned Ensemble (Jazz A)

  2. Jazz Lab - Non-Auditioned Ensemble (Jazz B)

Students who are interested in having a higher chair placement in Jazz B will need to be sure to prepare an audition for November 1st even if they plan to be in the after school Jazz Lab.

Please be aware that if a student is selected for Jazz A, they will be required to travel to New York City, Washington D.C., or New Orleans to compete at the national level! If a student in Jazz B would like to attend these experiences, we encourage them to do so!

The audition requirements document can be found attached to this email!

In addition to that, this is the Google Drive link that will take each student to the backing tracks, electronic copies of the music, and the audition protocols:

2022/23 Jazz Audition Folder

Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have about this opportunity!