Parents & Students,

As many of you may have heard, the superintendent delayed any athletic competitions (games) until after September 14th. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE OUR REHEARSAL PROTOCOLS and we are going to plan on having our first full band practice on Wednesday as previously announced, with the planed protocols in place. Please review the medical questions you have been sent in the last email.. if you answer YES to any of those questions you will be prohibited from staying at practice (sent home immediately). As a reminder – you must arrive wearing a mask and go to the location listed below for your medical checkin.

Woodwinds – Bus drop-off by Cafeteria

Brass – Main Lot by Vet/Science building (a tent will be up)

Guard – Bus drop-off by the practice fields

Sousas/Percussion – Band Ramp

You may arrive as early as 3:45 – MASKS WILL STAY ON COMPLETELY until Mr. Borger instructs their removal. Masks will be worn for dismissal and any time student is out of their assigned rehearsal block location.

I am confident we are doing everything possible to make this the safest and most responsible gathering of our marching band performers that we can manage – and we will learn how to do it better as we progress. If you have reservations about attending rehearsals at this point, please know these are all voluntary. We appreciate your desire to make music and perform with your friends – but everyone must do what is best for themselves – so please be smart and safe (and we will as a group).

One last mention – we do appreciate your loading the medical information into CHARMS and the payment of any owed fees is always helpful for our plans and staff considerations. Please know we will be excellent stewards of all financial obligations and if we need to make reimbursements because some things don’t happen – we will certainly do that!!

Thanks for your continued support, faith, and patience!! I miss our band family and truly look forward to the chance to work with students again soon – especially our amazing Cambridge Band Students!!


Mr. Borger