Hello Band Family!!

We have another exciting week ahead of us as we move closer and closer to our first live performance. As per usual, our students have taken each curveball that life has thrown at them and have worked past the adversity to create true magic. Over the last couple of weeks we have had rain and lightening galour, but the students have maintained a commitment to excellence and continue to improve the show each day. We are excited to get a chance to perform this for you in just a couple of short weeks! Please remind students to HYDRATE on their days off of rehearsal and be sure that all students are wearing clothing that will be breathable in heat!

As a few of you may know, we have just gotten word that out of the abundance of safety our Cambridge Football Team has been quarantined for this week of school. We have not yet received word that the game is canceled, so our weekly schedule that will be posted on the BAND app for students to see will reflect Friday as if there is a game. If the Friday night football game is canceled, we will have a two hour rehearsal after school to make up for time lost over the last two weeks due to rain. At the end of the rehearsal we will have an ice cream party for the students! I will alert you of the decision as soon as I am able.

Here is the rest at a glance:

-Tardy/Absence Form
-Away Football Game Schedule
-Remind 101
-Parent Volunteer Needed
-Parent Meeting (August 31st, 7:00pm)
-Back the Band Fundraiser!


Here is the link to the Tardy/Absence Form. Please complete this form to the best of your ability. Please recognize that absences that are not an emergency must be recorded 2 weeks in advanced to be considered excused and planned tardies must have 2 days notice. Completion of this form does not constitute an excused absence. Examples of excused absences would be sickness, COVID-19 quarantines, or COVID related symptoms, deaths, or other pre-discussed events. Unexcused absences will result in students needing to make up the performance experience and could result in loss of performance opportunities. https://form.jotform.com/Treasurer_Band/cambridge-band-tardyabsence-form

Away Football Game Schedule:

Below will be the schedule for this Friday's Game -

4:00 Student meet up in band room with under uniforms on for final game announcements

4:30 Dinner

5:15 Uniforms

5:30 Load buses

5:45 Depart for South Forsyth High

6:30 Unload/Warmup

7:15 Enter stadium

7:30 Kickoff

Q3 Concessions

10:30 Apprx. end of game

10:50 Depart South Forysth High

11:40 Apprx Return

Please be aware that all changes to schedule/arrival/departure times will be announced via Remind 101 anytime the band travels.

Remind 101:

We will be utilizing Remind 101 as another communication tool for the 2021-22 School year. This tool is helpful because it sends director text messages (standard rates apply) to students/parents cellphones. You DO NOT need a separate app to sign-up for Remind 101. In addition to text, this tool allows for me to send "robocalls" with the weekly updates that you can save and listen to anytime! Here is the information each family needs to sign-up.

Freshman Students and Parents: Text @2021cambfr to the number 81010
Sophomore Students and Parents: Text @2021cambso to the number 81010
Junior Students and Parents: Text @2021cambju to the number 81010
Senior Students and Parents: Text @2021cambse to the number 81010

Parent Volunteers Needed:

We are looking for a few parents who are willing to fill these much needed spots for our COVID - 19 check-ins each day of rehearsal!

Volunteers needed for Practice Check-ins this week.


In addition, there are an abundance of volunteer signups for Fulton County Exhibition and Football Games, which can be found on the band website. As you head to the site, please recognize that we are asking for specific sections to take lead of the concession stand for specific games this season! Check-out our website to see where you can help:


Parent Meeting, Aug 31st:

Parents, there will be a parent meeting on Tuesday, August 31st at 7pm. This meeting will be going over specific details for competitions, the WCU trip, and much more! Be sure to make plans to attend!

Back the Band Fundraiser Update:

We were so, so close to our goal of 50% with having 46% of our program participating in the Back the Band Fundraiser. That is a 100% increase from last week's participation. With just a couple of weeks left, let's push our new goal to 60% participation. So far, we have raised over $8,000 for the Cambridge Band Program. This week we're announcing a few incentives to get the students excited about raising. We will be offering a $50 gift card raffle to 3 band students who complete their entire calendar. In addition to this, we will have a free breakfast meal for each student who is able to complete their entire month of donations! The monies raised will be going directly towards paying for clinicians and staff to work with our students for the entire school year!

If a student is collecting cash donations, we have a Safety Deposit Lock Box in the band room that students can place their donations in an envelope to be picked up by our treasurer every week.

The report for this past week is attached. Each student is shown listed with the name of their donor and how much of their calendar they have completed.

Thank you for making it to the end of this email! :) I am always available for questions! Have a great week and see you soon.