Hello all!

Attached WCU TOC Itinerary as well as the Hotel Rooming list for this weekend. I cannot believe that one of the largest competitions of the season is just around the corner! The students have been working hard and I am excited to see them in such a large arena this Saturday. Parents, If you are able to make it this weekend, you are encourage to scream, cheer, and provide a standing ovation for our students as soon as they enter the field. We need to for them to feel like the rockstars that they are as they enter the stadium!

Please take a good moment to review the itinerary. There is a plethora of information within. Please note that tickets for the event are $15 events and will pay for the entire day (Prelims/Finals). Students should plan to dress warm for after we perform. I have found that layers are ALWAYS best. Students will be required to wear their 2021 Show Shirt after the performance and during all of Saturday, however, they will be permitted to wear jackets/hats/etc. (Cambridge HS attire is encouraged).

We will be traveling on two charter buses for this weekend. Students will be complete a new bus sign up this week. Room list are attached and are final.

Medication Administration:

We recognize a few of our students may take prescription medicine before, or after school that may be out of the purview of Cambridge High School. Fulton County policy is that these prescriptions be administered by a Fulton County Employee and does not permit for students to carry the prescription on their person. These prescriptions will need to be turned in the morning of the trip in a bottle/container with the prescription described. Your physician has already signed off on these medications on your DragonFly health forms, so there is no need to for another signature. Please fill out the information at the link provided so that we can effectively administer these medications to your student. https://form.jotform.com/Treasurer_Band/medicine-administration-form

I think that's all for now! We will see you at Tuesday's Fall Concert (7:00pm)



Hello families!

I am excited to see you THIS Tuesday in the Cambridge High School Auditorium. This will be our first indoor live concert in over a year! The students have been working extremely hard and we look forward to what they will perform for you on Tuesday. Attached is a document with a few reminders, call times, and attire responsibilities for you and your student.

Please take a moment to the review that document and let me know if you have any questions!

See you soon,


Good evening, parents!

We have a busy and exciting weekend ahead of us with our first away football game and 2nd competition! We would love to PACK the stands each night to cheer on our amazing band students and make sure they know how proud we are of them for the hard work they have put in this season! I love going to competitons and seeing parents give rousing ovations to their programs when they come on to the field. The students love it and it doesn't go unnoticed!


Attached is the schedule for these two events. Please note that we will be performing post-game on Friday to ensure the band can have a full run of the show in preparation for the Sprayberry Competition on Saturday. We will return to Cambridge a little later than usual due to the post-game performance. However, we will not need to unload the trailer Friday night.

We will be unloading from the Competition at 11am on Sunday, Octboer 17th. We will need many volunteer to help with this process so that it goes as quickly as possible.

Friday Pregame Dinner:

BBQ Chicken
Vegetarian Lasagna (vegetarian option)
Mac and Cheese
Coleslaw and pickles

We are in immediate need for volunteers for these two events so please check out the volunteer links below and sign up if you’re available. We have to ensure that we have enough chaperone to be within a 1:10 ratio for adult to student in order for us to follow the guidance set by the county, so having enough chaperone is essential. In addition to this, equipment staff members are VITAL to the quality of our performance. We are timed from the moment we step on to the field until we leave. Without enough equipment volunteer we could acquire a timing penalty, which could effect our overall score at competitions. Please take the time to volunteer if you have not gotten a chance to:

Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

Western Carolina University Itinerary

The WCU Itinerary and details will be sent tomorrow. This will provide you with all of the information needed for students and parents to prepare for our upcoming out of state competition. I have attached a line of the competition for you to have a better idea of the day. This is a Prelims/Finals formatted show. Which means we perform earlier in the day and regardless of class judges will rank the 12 highest placing ensembles to have a second show in finals competition. Finals competition order is then choosen based off of a random draw. This would be EXTREMELY exciting for our program to make finals our first year at TOC!!

This is going to be a very exciting end to our competitive marching season! It has been an absolute joy to experience the immense amount of growth our program has experienced on and off the field the last couple of months. I look forward to many more seasons to come!



All 6th - 8th graders are invited to Middle School Night with the Cambridge HS Color Guard on Friday, October 29. Registration is required by October 25: https://form.jotform.com/212808608369060. Students are invited to practice on Thursday, October 28 from 4-6 pm at Cambridge and perform on the field & in the stands on Friday, October 28, with Cambridge HS Color Guard. The cost is $10 and includes a tshirt and dinner. Please reach out to Color Guard Director, Katie Pacifico, at cambridgehsguard@gmail.com with questions.

Hello all!

We are looking forward to another great week with our marching band kiddos! I have attached a copy of this week's Home Football Game Day Sheet against Sequoyah. We have had discussion with Sequoyah High School and they have agreed to play a post game performance so that there is no rush during half-time and we will be able to perform a full portion of our show. With this being said, please be aware that Cambridge Band Students will be expected to stay following the game to watch Sequoyah perform, so this may alter the time of dismissal.

Next Wednesday, October 13th, is Fulton County's PSAT/SAT day. Though this day is a half day for students we will continue to have rehearsal. Rehearsal time will now be from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. This extra hour of rehearsal will be invaluable for us as we continue to refine the show before our competition at Sprayberry next Saturday. Please let me know if a student may have an issue to get back to school. We will be able to ensure transportation is not an issue.

Let me know if you have questions!




We are heading straight into our first Fulton County Exhibition performance in a year and a half! We are excited to be hosting all the Fulton County High School Bands and performing for an audience of band spectators! Here are just a few updates about this week, including information on our back the band fundraiser, rehearsal for this Friday, AND the itinerary for this weekend!

Here is this email at a glance:

Help needed Thursday
Friday Evening Rehearsal
Uniform Needs
Fulton County Exhibition Schedule/Band Pictures
Back the Band Fundraiser

Student help needed Thursday:

We are in need of students who are willing to help fill candy gram bags for the upcoming Fulton County Exhibition on Thursday after school. Candy Grams will be sold at the exhibition as a message or note that friends and families can leave for students in their band program. The candy grams will be sold at the exhibition as an additional fundraiser for the band program. Students who help will be filling bags with candy and tying the message cards to the bag so that they are ready for the exhibition on Saturday. Students who are interested in helping should contact Mr. Scott to let them know of their interest.

Friday Evening Rehearsal:

Rehearsal on Friday evening will also be the beginning of set-up for the Fulton County Exhibition. We are asking that students plan to stay until 7:30pm on Friday evening to help with set-up for this event. Students will be provided Pizza for dinner following rehearsal and then each set-up job should take about 30min. Once students have been released by their adult lead they will be dismissed.

Uniform Needs:

All winds and percussionist need to ensure they have a plain black tank top to go underneath their performance uniform top. The goal is for this to be a fitted tank top that will not show on the shoulder when we have on the sleeveless performance uniform. These tank tops will need to be in the student’s possession each time we wear the performance uniform.

Fulton County Exhibition Schedule/Band Pictures:

The Fulton County exhibition schedule is attached to this email. We are excited to have our band pictures be completed this day in addition to having the exhibition. Students will be dismissed in the morning after their section pictures have been completed. Students will then be asked to return for a walk-through rehearsal of our show at 3:00pm before the student’s head to their workstations. Students will be in their under uniform for the pictures in the morning, and will be asked to wear their under uniform shirt (or show shirt if they arrive on time) and any bottoms they would like while they are working at the exhibition. Students will need to have their tank top and under uniform shorts to wear underneath the performance uniform.

Back the Band Fundraiser Final Results:

This is GREAT NEWS! We were able to almost $15,000 in our August Back the Band fundraiser with 63% participation of our students!!!! This is amazing results for a first time ever doing this fundraiser as a full program. $15,000 helps pay directly to our clinicians and staff who will be coming in the Fall semester, and we are so thankful for you all helping us reach this goal. The back the band fundraiser final spreadsheet can be found at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MGE0KuoetxJWjANsJbbFg6u_TVjgq54lTKQwAwp8zCY/edit?usp=sharing

Happy Tuesday!

I trust that we had an eventful, or relaxing Labor Day weekend filled with rest, family, and laughter. I wanted to send a couple of schedule updates to everyone before I send out our full band email for this week.

Band Pictures this year are scheduled for Saturday, September 18th. As you know, this is the same day as the Fulton Marching Band Exhibition. Having photos on this day ensures that we will not have to add another day to our schedule! Photos will take place in the morning of the Exhibition. Time specifications will be sent this week!

This Saturday we are excited to have our Saturday Band Camp that will be followed with a dinner party for our students. We have changed the time of this event from 2pm - 9pm to 1 - 7pm. Rehearsal will be from 1-6, and dinner from 6-7. Parents are welcome to come to the stadium to watch rehearsal beginning at 4:30pm. Our goal is to finish 3/4 of the show this weekend! The ACT is the morning of this event. Please let students know to reach out with any conflicts.

As always, please reach out with questions!



Link to the Spiritwear Swag Store

Link to Tank Top to Purchase

Hello Band Family!!

We have another exciting week ahead of us as we move closer and closer to our first live performance. As per usual, our students have taken each curveball that life has thrown at them and have worked past the adversity to create true magic. Over the last couple of weeks we have had rain and lightening galour, but the students have maintained a commitment to excellence and continue to improve the show each day. We are excited to get a chance to perform this for you in just a couple of short weeks! Please remind students to HYDRATE on their days off of rehearsal and be sure that all students are wearing clothing that will be breathable in heat!

As a few of you may know, we have just gotten word that out of the abundance of safety our Cambridge Football Team has been quarantined for this week of school. We have not yet received word that the game is canceled, so our weekly schedule that will be posted on the BAND app for students to see will reflect Friday as if there is a game. If the Friday night football game is canceled, we will have a two hour rehearsal after school to make up for time lost over the last two weeks due to rain. At the end of the rehearsal we will have an ice cream party for the students! I will alert you of the decision as soon as I am able.

Here is the rest at a glance:

-Tardy/Absence Form
-Away Football Game Schedule
-Remind 101
-Parent Volunteer Needed
-Parent Meeting (August 31st, 7:00pm)
-Back the Band Fundraiser!


Here is the link to the Tardy/Absence Form. Please complete this form to the best of your ability. Please recognize that absences that are not an emergency must be recorded 2 weeks in advanced to be considered excused and planned tardies must have 2 days notice. Completion of this form does not constitute an excused absence. Examples of excused absences would be sickness, COVID-19 quarantines, or COVID related symptoms, deaths, or other pre-discussed events. Unexcused absences will result in students needing to make up the performance experience and could result in loss of performance opportunities. https://form.jotform.com/Treasurer_Band/cambridge-band-tardyabsence-form

Away Football Game Schedule:

Below will be the schedule for this Friday's Game -

4:00 Student meet up in band room with under uniforms on for final game announcements

4:30 Dinner

5:15 Uniforms

5:30 Load buses

5:45 Depart for South Forsyth High

6:30 Unload/Warmup

7:15 Enter stadium

7:30 Kickoff

Q3 Concessions

10:30 Apprx. end of game

10:50 Depart South Forysth High

11:40 Apprx Return

Please be aware that all changes to schedule/arrival/departure times will be announced via Remind 101 anytime the band travels.

Remind 101:

We will be utilizing Remind 101 as another communication tool for the 2021-22 School year. This tool is helpful because it sends director text messages (standard rates apply) to students/parents cellphones. You DO NOT need a separate app to sign-up for Remind 101. In addition to text, this tool allows for me to send "robocalls" with the weekly updates that you can save and listen to anytime! Here is the information each family needs to sign-up.

Freshman Students and Parents: Text @2021cambfr to the number 81010
Sophomore Students and Parents: Text @2021cambso to the number 81010
Junior Students and Parents: Text @2021cambju to the number 81010
Senior Students and Parents: Text @2021cambse to the number 81010

Parent Volunteers Needed:

We are looking for a few parents who are willing to fill these much needed spots for our COVID - 19 check-ins each day of rehearsal!

Volunteers needed for Practice Check-ins this week.


In addition, there are an abundance of volunteer signups for Fulton County Exhibition and Football Games, which can be found on the band website. As you head to the site, please recognize that we are asking for specific sections to take lead of the concession stand for specific games this season! Check-out our website to see where you can help:


Parent Meeting, Aug 31st:

Parents, there will be a parent meeting on Tuesday, August 31st at 7pm. This meeting will be going over specific details for competitions, the WCU trip, and much more! Be sure to make plans to attend!

Back the Band Fundraiser Update:

We were so, so close to our goal of 50% with having 46% of our program participating in the Back the Band Fundraiser. That is a 100% increase from last week's participation. With just a couple of weeks left, let's push our new goal to 60% participation. So far, we have raised over $8,000 for the Cambridge Band Program. This week we're announcing a few incentives to get the students excited about raising. We will be offering a $50 gift card raffle to 3 band students who complete their entire calendar. In addition to this, we will have a free breakfast meal for each student who is able to complete their entire month of donations! The monies raised will be going directly towards paying for clinicians and staff to work with our students for the entire school year!

If a student is collecting cash donations, we have a Safety Deposit Lock Box in the band room that students can place their donations in an envelope to be picked up by our treasurer every week.

The report for this past week is attached. Each student is shown listed with the name of their donor and how much of their calendar they have completed.

Thank you for making it to the end of this email! :) I am always available for questions! Have a great week and see you soon.



Hello, hello!

As we begin week two we have just a few important updates going on in band land! One of the most important being, that as of last Friday Fulton County has made the decision for each after school organization to begin temperature checks and health screenings before the beginning of each rehearsal. We will begin these screenings each day at 3:45pm to allow time for the students to be screened and start rehearsal on time.

In addition to health screenings, wanted to take a quick moment to explain how mask are operating within band class and after school. Per Fulton County policy, mask are required for all experiences indoors. Students are only permitted to remove their mask while we are playing and are asked to mask up anytime they are not actively playing. In addition to this, we have begun the process of sanitizing surfaces and will begin to socially distance the students when possible.

Our students have been extremely flexible and ABSOLUTE rockstars during this process. The only constant in life is change and our kiddos are truly making the most out of their experience so far this school year!

Here is a snapshot of the updates this email entails!:

-COVID Screening Volunteer Needed for after school rehearsals

-Parent meeting to jump start FCMBE

-Band Picture Day

-Back the Band Fundraiser.

COVID Screeners:

Parents starting on Monday band is required to do temperature checks and ask health questions of all students for practice. We will need 1-2 parents to come from 3:15 to 4:10 to assist. Follow the link to sign up:


Parent Meeting:

We will have a VIRTUAL ZOOM Parent Meeting TOMORROW (8/17) at 7:00pm. Please note we have changed this to a virtual meeting to help facilitate everyone’s schedules. Please make plans to attend this meeting as we will need all hands on deck for the Fulton County Exhibition on September 18th (Just a month away!) Here is the Zoom Link for this meeting:

Daniel Scott is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Marching Band Exhibition Parent Meeting

Time: Aug 17, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Band Picture Day:

We are looking to ADD a Band Picture Day to our Calendar for Tuesday, September 7th. All Members will need to be in attendance for photographs. We will change into our uniforms around 5:30pm and begin photos at 6:30pm. Please let me know ASAP if this date will not work for you.

Back the Band Fundraiser:

Thank you to the families who have help jump start our back the band fundraiser. So far, we have had 23% of the program begin with online sales! Our goal is to get to 50% participation by the end of this week! The funds raised in this event helps keep student cost low, allows for the program to bring in private lesson coaches/clinicians to the classroom, purchases new equipment for the band, and provides the funds for our program to hire full time directors/staff.

If a student is collecting cash donations, we have a Safety Deposit Lock Box in the band room that students can place their donations in an envelope to be picked up by our treasurer every week.

The report for this past week is attached. Each student is shown listed with the name of their donor and how much of their calendar they have completed.

Thank you all for being such a WONDERFUL community. Let me know if you have questions.



Hello Band Family,

I apologize for the tardiness of this email, however, we have had an actioned packed two days of school! This has been an outstanding start to our 21-22 school year and I look forward to what this year will bring! This email focuses on just two updates.

FCMBE Parent Meeting (Tuesday, August 17th, 7:00pm - Cambridge Band Room)
Back the Band Fundraiser Update

FCMBE Parent Meeting:

Next Tuesday, August 17th at 7:00pm EST in the Cambridge Band Room we will be having our first Parent Meeting to discuss the Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition that we will be hosting on September 18th! We will need ALL HANDS ON DECK! At this meeting we will be discussing parent participation, plans for the event, ways to help, and ways to make everyone in Fulton County see why Cambridge Band has the BEST parents in the entire district. Our FCMBE lead, Cindy Roberts, has been hard at work getting this information ready for you and we are excited to share all of the details!

Back the Band Fundraiser:

The Back the Band Fundraiser is off to an inspired start. So far, we have had 23% of the program begin with online sales! We are looking for 100% participation in this experience and are in need of every student to jump into donation game to ensure this fundraiser is a success. The funds raised in this event helps keep student cost low, allows for the program to bring in private lesson coaches/clinicians to the classroom, purchases new equipment for the band, and provides the funds for our program to hire full time directors/staff.

If a student is collecting cash donations, we have a Safety Deposit Lock Box in the band room that students can place their donations in an envelope to be picked up by our treasurer every week.

The report for this past week is attached. Each student is shown listed with the name of their donor and how much of their calendar they have completed.

That's all for now! Let me know if you have questions,


Hello, hello, Band Family!

WOW!! I am absolutely BLOWN away by the dedication and resilience of our Cambridge Band Students. In addition to the amount of hardwork these students put into the past week of band camp, the students began to define their standard for excellence for the entire season. Even through the heat and challenges, Band Camp 2021 was one of the most enjoyable band camps I have ever been a part of! With such an awesome start, I look forward to see how far our kiddos will push this show and season!

We are just ONE week away from the beginning of SCHOOL and I wanted to provide you with just a few updates as we head into the new school year. Here is this email at a glance:

  1. Remind 101 Sign-up Informatiion
  2. Band Camp Performance Video
  3. Video Assignment Due Sunday
  4. Weekly After School Rehearsals
  5. Back the Band Fundraiser
  6. Football Game Volunteer

Remind 101 Sign-Up Information:

We will be utilizing Remind 101 as another communication tool for the 2021-22 School year. This tool is helpful because it sends director text messages (standard rates apply) to students/parents cellphones. You DO NOT need a separate app to sign-up for Remind 101. In addition to text, this tool allows for me to send "robocalls" with the weekly updates that you can save and listen to anytime! Here is the information each family needs to sign-up.

Freshman Students and Parents: Text @2021cambfr to the number 81010
Sophomore Students and Parents: Text @2021cambso to the number 81010
Junior Students and Parents: Text @2021cambju to the number 81010
Senior Students and Parents: Text @2021cambse to the number 81010

Band Camp Performance Video:

SENDING A HUGE SHOUTOUT to band mom, Kris Dolin, for producing and publishing this AWESOME video of the full band camp performance from Friday Night! Here is the link if you would like to share with other friends, or family members! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI-05nWHIsQ&t=1s

Video Assignments Due Sunday:

Wind and Percussion students have been, or will soon be assigned video assignments that will be due this week in lieu of rehearsals. Percussion's video assignment is due on Friday (8/6) at 11:59pm and Winds will be due Sunday (8/8) at 10:00pm. These assignments will work on continuing the skill building of our students musical and visual skill that we began to hone during band camp. Wind Videos will be submitted via the BAND APP, so each individual needs to ensure they are on their section pages. Students who do not complete these assignments will be required to make the practice time up during the season on days the ensemble does not have rehearsal. Please reach out to me, or Mr. Makrides to let us know if there will be issues with a student being able to record this week.

Weekly After School Rehearsals:

We will be rehearsing after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. Please be aware that this time has been CHANGED from originally posted time of 4:30pm - 6:30pm. After school rehearsals are mandatory and the absence/attendance policy will be in affect for each rehearsal. Tardies and early departures need to be discussed with myself, Mr. Mercer, the Pacificos, and Mr. Makrides as soon as possible. Students will also be required to bring their 1/2 Gallon BLUE JUGS as well as athletic attire to each rehearsal. Students will be provided lockers in the band room to drop off their items each morning.

Back the Band Fundraiser:

Our BACK THE BAND AUGUST FUNDRAISER has hit the ground running and we could not be more excited about the opportunity this provides for our program. I'll reiterate -- if every student fills their calendar, this would be $50,000 for our band program!! Please see the email sent yesterday at 11:55am for the details on this opportunity to Back the Cambridge Band!

Football Game Volunteer:

Be on the lookout for our Football Game Volunteer email! We are excited to be heading into a normal season with a huge amount of volunteer help needed at our home and away football games. Our volunteer coordinator, Liz Waller, has been working diligently at solidifying and detail each volunteer need and we will be sending this information to each family in the next couple of days. Please remember, we are looking for each family to commit to volunteering for 5, or MORE opportunities for the 2021 season. We know that we can do it!

Phew -- that's it for now! Thank you for making it to the end of this email! Special shout to Uyen Kim, Laura Morgan, Liz Waller, Lina Cardoso-Pieterse, Rae Ann Frank, and Kynley Charles for the EXTRA hours they put in to ensure Band Camp 2021 went off without a hitch! I am in LOVE with this community and cannot wait to celebrate each and every family as we continue on this journey with one another!

Have a great week,


Hello Cambridge Band families,

On Sunday, we will launch our 2021 Back to School, Back the Band Fundraiser. This email will cover logistics of how this fundraiser works, how to advertise, and hopefully will help cover some of our costs for the season.

The Fundraiser

Cambridge Virtual Calendar above has each day of the month on the calendar. Each day is worth its numerical value. For example: Aug 4th is worth $4! The goal for each student is to get a sponsorship for every day of the month. The students will be collecting the donations via a provided link, cash or check. Virtual payment is preferred: bit.ly/BackTheBand. Checks can be written out to Cambridge HS Band.

How to Advertise/Communicate

Most every student or parent in our organization has a social media account, if not please let us know. Networking by social media and email is how we will be advertising this fundraiser all month long. The fundraiser will be for the entire month of August, with Sept 3rd being the last day to accept donations. The students can post this virtual calendar on their Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok. They can also email family and friends, especially those that live out of town. As they collect sponsorships, they will cover the date with an emoji, with the preference being a musical note or a bear emoji. If the student gets donations for every day of the month, they can earn the Band Boosters $496 to cover expenses for the 2021-2022 Band season! If you have any questions please feel free to email your questions to vpways@cambridgeband.org.


If you receive cash or checks for your donations, please put them in an envelope with your name on the outside, write the amount of donations enclosed, and place in the black box in the band room.

We hope you like this fundraising idea and make the most fun out of it that you can! It is crucial that the students keep up with who donated what/when by having clear communications with their friends and family regarding any donations they may have made towards this fundraising campaign. We will work to try and communicate each week what days were bought for each student’s calendar.

For questions regarding fundraising, please email our VP of Ways and Means.

What an inspired start to band camp we had last week!? The students were consistently working towards excellence and I am BLOWN away their growth. Tomorrow we hit the ground RUNNING as we begin the journey of putting our show on to the field!

Here are a few snapshots of this email:

-Full Camp Schedule
-Student Medical Needs/Medications
-Band Camp Meals
-Friends and Family Performance

Full Camp Schedule:

The full band camp schedule for this week can be found at the following link:

Students will be on their feet throughout the day and the days will be longer than last week. All students need to ensure they are eating a full breakfast and drinking tons of water each night. Student's health and wellness is key to a successful week/season, so we students must be sure take care of their bodies each morning/night.

In addition to the camp rehearsal, we have planned a few exciting opportunities for the students including the Wednesday Night POOL SOCIAL at the Milton Community pool. We are in need of 17 pool permission forms. Students who plan to attend the pool social will need this form. The Senior Night experience will be Thursday night before dismissal. All Parents are invited to join us for Senior Night in the Stadium on Thursday at 8:00pm.


Thank you to our AMAZING volunteer from the past week. We could not do what we do without the amazing parental support of the Cambridge Band Program. If you are interested in volunteering, there are a few open spots on our signups for afternoon first aid. Since we will be outside we would like to have some extra hands if needed.

Student Medical Needs/Medications:

We have parent chaperones throughout the day who will be available for student medical needs and to administer medications. Student Epi Pens and medications should be dropped off each morning and picked up by the students at the end of the day. Students are permitted to have over the counter medication etc.

We are still in need of quite a few Dragonfly Submissions and forms. We cannot continue to allow for the students to participate in physical activity without Dragonfly Registration. We are giving families until Wednesday to have Dragonfly Registration complete. After this time, students will have to sit out of all physical activity at camp.

Band Camp Meals:

Thank you to all of the parents who have contributed to our band camp dinners, either through donations or their time! Here’s what your student can expect for evening meals this week:

Monday - Breakfast for Dinner hosted by the Drumline (breakfast burritos, hash browns, pancakes, bagels)
Tuesday - Summertime Subs hosted by the Brass Section
Wednesday - Pizza by the Pool hosted by the Boosters
Thursday - Italian Feast hosted by the Woodwind Section ( variety of pastas)
Friday - TGIF Taco Bar hosted by the Color Guard

There will be vegetarian options each day for those who indicated this dietary restriction in their band registration. If your child prefers to have something else for dinner, feel free to drop it off at the cafeteria at 4:30pm.

Friends and Family Performance:

We will be having our band camp Community Performance on Friday at 6:30pm in the stadium. Parents are encouraged to arrive at 6:00pm and invite anyone who may be interested to attend. Under Uniform orders will be ready for pickup Tuesday night after camp. Band students will wear their Under Uniform attire for the Friday night performance in the stadium

Hello, and GREETINGS!

I am extremely excited to begin working with the 2021 edition of students, and parents of the Cambridge High School Band FAMILY. I am positive this season will prove to be successful and will continue to establish a culture of growth that will lead to an inspired future. In the next few days please be sure to encourage your students to HYDRATE and go OUTSIDE (for at least 30min). It is important that we arrive with our bodies acclimated to the weather we will be in for the next couple of weeks. As we prepare for band camp together, I wanted to provide you with some information that should be helpful to survive the week.

Things to know:

We are on the lookout for 3 more families who are interested in being HOST families for our staff members who will be with us from out of state! We have a mellophone staff member, alto saxophone staff member, and flute staff member who will need an awesome place to stay beginning Sunday night through the duration of camp. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to show our band camp staff why Cambridge High is an awesome place to work! Music for the 2021 Season can be found at this Google Drive Link:

Students will be expected to begin arriving each day at 8:30am with 9am start time. Please ensure that each student is dressed and prepared for athletic movement each day. Tennis shoes and athletic clothing will be the only clothing that is permitted. Students may be asked to sit out if they are not dressed in appropriate attire.

Tomorrow begins our Sectional Pre – Camps, which are required for all students to attend. Guard and Percussion members will begin on Monday with our student leadership and the Full Ensemble will be in full swing on Wednesday. We will be going each day from 9am – 3pm, with students being responsible for their own lunch.

Full Ensemble Band camp will be July 26th through July 30th and will go from 9am until 9pm. Here is the link for the full camp schedule starting with Full Ensemble Pre-Camp on July 21st:


As indicated on our Band Camp Schedule, our Band Camp Wednesday Social will be a pool party for the entire band program from 6 – 8pm at the Milton Community pool on Dinsmore Road. This will be FREE for all students. We have purchased additional lifeguards for the experience and will provide a pizza dinner for students!

*Please be sure that all Dragonfly paperwork has been completed and submitted.

Please look over the Volunteer Sign-Up list below to see our volunteer needs/times. When you come to volunteer, you’ll be able to get a glimpse at the amazing instruction by our staff and the students’ hard work and dedication during rehearsals. Pre-Band Camp (7/19 - 7/23): Pre-Band Camp Volunteer Signup

Pre-Camp 7/19-7/23

Band Camp (7/26 - 7/30): Band Camp Volunteer Signup

Band Camp 7/26-7/30

Contact Laura Morgan (laura@roblaura.com, 678-559-6562) with any questions regarding chaperone requirements.

Students will be able to leave campus for lunch. Parent permission is required. Please fill out this link: https://forms.gle/eM78vhT9T24pwEm99

o All other students are encouraged to bring a bag lunch, or have a parent drop off food during the lunch break.

Each day for the full camp, besides Friday and Wednesday, will follow this schedule: o 1stBlock – 9am – 12:00pm

o Lunch – 12:00pm – 1pm

o 2ndBlock – 1pm – 5:00pm

o Dinner – 5:00pm – 6:00pm

o 3rdBlock – 6:00pm – 9pm

This will be a long, tiring week, but following this model will give us the ability to have 6wks of rehearsal time in just 1wk! Each block will have a separate focus and students will NOT be outside for much of the day. On Friday, July 30th, we will be having a Parent/Community Preview show after dinner at 6:30pm in the Football Stadium (Auditorium Rain Location). Please invite family members and friends to this show to cheer on our students!

Once again, I will state that this will be a very long week. The sun will be hot, and the days will be long, but the memories made at band camp will last forever!

I have attached to this email a “Things to Bring to Camp” Document that should help with the needs for the week! Each student is required to bring the items listed unless stipulated on the form.

As always,

Let me know if you have questions!


Hello all,

I wanted to take a quick moment to ensure that each family has the full calendar for the Summer/Fall. Please be aware that a few of the experiences are subject to change as we have a moment ot solidify times/dates, however, this will give you a strong framework for the season. Here is the Cambridge Band Google Drive:


I am extremely excited to get started and look forward to seeing you all very soon! The journey will be fantastic!

*All Winds and Percussion members: Please take a moment to fill out this document with your shirt size and height before the end of the day!




Hello, hello!

I trust that all are having a wonderful Summer and are gearing up for what I am sure will be an action packed Band Camp! We are excited to have our students on campus for the next three weeks with our percussionist kicking off their mini camp on Wednesday, July 14th! We will be sending off some very important band camp information soon, but in the mean time, I am asking that each wind (brass/woodwind) and percussion student takes a quick second to go into this document and complete the uniform sizing guide for our Show Uniform company. This will take a total of 5 seconds to complete and is asking specificially for the students' shirt size and height.


Your quick attention on this will help to ensure we have our uniforms arrive to us in time for the first performance! Please fill out this document by Saturday, June 10th.

Thank you and see you all soon,


Hello Cambridge Band Family,

Coming your way over the next few days will be a flood of information on a few items that we hope will help make your transition from summer into summer WITH BAND as easy as possible! The first of this information is our new health form management system, DragonFly Max. We are extremely excited about this platform that will house all of our students medical documents. which will allow for us to have each student's medical needs just a click away. The Athletic Association at CHS has already transitioned over to this platform and Fulton County Bands will all be mandated to transition over the next year, so we decided now would be the best time to make the leap and get a head of the game. We are asking for all documents be uploaded by Monday, July 12th, 2021.

With that being said, there is a slight learning curve to ensuring that you are uploading the correct forms, etc, but nothing that a good ole' screenshared video won't solve! I have made just that for you. Here is a link that will take you through the steps you need to succesfully navigate our new system! Pleae watch this before proceeding with the email: https://youtu.be/7Xk6yxvHALc

Once you have watched the video, this is the referenced link that will take you to the Cambridge Band Portal to get your account created. http://dragonflymax.com/forms/FA6365. PLEASE ensure that as you are creating the account we are making the account in the parent's name and not the students. Once you have created your account you will add your student to begin uploading the form. This is all explaned in the video (please watch).

There are 5 forms:

-Consent to Treatment Form (completed online)

-FCS Transportation Release Form (completed online)

-GHSA Physical Examination Form (uploaded after completed)

-GHSA Health History Form (uploaded after completed)

-GHSA Medical Eligibility Form (uploaded after completed)

I have attached these forms as a zip file to this email where you can download and complete, OR you can download and print from DragonFly Max, OR you can find in the email that was sent by Mrs. Kim, OR you can find on our band website.

That's it for now. :) I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing community. Thank you for the outstanding welcome and I look forward to this journey together. Ubuntu: I am because We are.

Please be sure to watch the video.

Let me know if you have other questions. My inbox and cell are always open.



Daniel M. Scott

Director of Bands

Cambridge High School

PS....please be sure to watch the video.

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We are very excited about our 2021 Marching Season! Below is the presentation from our June Booster meeting, which includes information on Band Camp, WCU Tournament of Champions Band Trip, and volunteer opportunities.