Hello Cambridge Band Families!

As communication begins to ramp up for the 2022/23 school year, I invite you to join a few of the different mediums of communication we will be utilizing. My recommendation is for each family to sign up for Remind 101 and at least one other app to supplement the email blast and calendar reminders we will send out. Below are a detailed list of all of the communication chains we have and how to sign-up:

Email Blast/Booster Bulletins:

Typically, we will send one director email on Sundays with information about the upcoming week, itineraries, and any information that is important to make the events of that week run smoothly.

If possible, we try to send itineraries for upcoming events at least two weeks in advanced. For most events, the best rule of thumb is to block out the entire day (especially for competitions). Majority of our concerts for the year begin at 7:00pm, with a 6:15pm call time for students.

Events are not added to the calendar without at least two weeks' notice. New this year, we will be adding a Booster Bulletin that will be released in the middle of each week with reminders to upcoming volunteer opportunities, fundraising, etc.

*If you are reading this current email, you should be on our listerv to receive those email blast, so no extra step to sign up for these 🙂

Cambridge Band Website:

The Cambridge Band Website is a great resource for information. On the parent section of the page, we will post previous meetings, newsletters, important documents, and all information that is ever sent out through email. If you have trouble finding an email that was previously sent, the website is a great place to check for the information missed.
The website calendar will be the MOST UP TO DATE calendar. Throughout the school year we will send out calendars/schedules, but in the case of a change the website calendar will reflect what is current. https:/href=/app/calendar

To add this calendar to your own Google Calendar. Simply click the "add Google Calendar" button at the bottom of the band calendar. (recommended)

Remind 101:

Remind 101 is an excellent tool for efficient communication. This system allows for us to send out quick reminder messages, as well as Sunday robocalls. We will send out volunteer info, fundraising flyers, and rehearsal updates through this system.

More importantly, Remind 101 is the way we communicate with parents when we are off campus. We will send real time messages about itinerary updates, and ETA to and from specific events.

This is one of our most powerful communication tools. Sign up information is below:

~NON-marching students and parents: Text @cambrcon to the number 81010
~Marching Band freshmen students and parents: Text @cambfr to the number 81010
~Marching Band sophomore students and parents: Text @cambso to the number 81010
~Marching Band junior students and parents: Text @cambju to the number 81010
~Marching Band senior students and parents: Text @cambse to the number 81010

The BAND App:

This is required for students to join.
NEW THIS YEAR we have also created a parent only band app page.

We share videos, updates, itineraries, schedules, volunteering, and more. The band app can be your one stop shop for all the information with the band program. You can also send direct messages to staff, or board members through the band app. This is a subsidiary of Facebook but works more specific to instant communication.

The information to join is below: Students ONLY:


Parents ONLY:


Facebook Group:

For all our Facebook Users we have a new private Facebook group for you to join!

This is a community space for the future, current, and past families of the Cambridge High School Band program. We will share videos, volunteer information, fundraising, schedules, and more on this forum! https://www.facebook.com/groups/cambridgebandfamilypage

Social Media Pages: Be sure to like and follow our pages: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cambridgehsband Twitter: https://twitter.com/cambridge_band Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8qphuoeAchPpe2qJIvXTGA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cambridgehsband/

Word of mouth and paper documents!:

We begin every class and end every rehearsal with announcements. In addition to this we ensure that we send home paper documents of important schedules, calendars, or information students/parents may need.

If your student struggles with keeping their own calendar, we have a very large (you cannot miss it) calendar in the band room with details about the events throughout the year. No sign up necessary! Just be sure to check the bottom of your student's bookbag! 🙂

If you are new, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! This journey is a wild, exciting, and memorable ride. With over 150 students/families involved in the Cambridge Band program there is always something happening! By signing up for these communication portals, we will be able to put our best foot forward to ensuring all families are "in the know" about all things Cambridge Band!

Let me know if you have questions!



​Daniel M. Scott
​​Director of Bands | Cambridge High School
2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA, 30004
Cell: 252-723-5165